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Introduction: Origami Post-it Box

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This is a tidy little box that is cool yet useful. It's also a great way to recycle all of your used sticky notes at work. Just make sure the boss isn't watching.

You will need:
Square sticky notes
a pen
your hands

Step 1: Peel Off a Sticky Note With the Sticky Part Up.

Step 2: Fold From Point to Point in Half

Step 3: Then Fold in Half Again From Point to Point.

Step 4: Take All 4 Points and Fold to Center.

Step 5: It Should Look Like This.

Step 6: Now Fold to First Crease From Point and Do This on All Four Points.

Step 7: It Should Look Like This Now. You Will Notice That There Are Four Squares Near the Center That Make a Square, This Is the Bottom of Your Box.

Step 8: Fold the Point to the First Crease and Do This on All Four Points.

Step 9: This Is What You Will Have When You FLIP IT OVER.

Step 10: Remember the Four Squres in the Middle? You Will Cut on the Crease to the Corner of the Four Squares. You Will Do FOUR Cuts on TWO Opposing Ends.

Step 11: Look Closely at the Cuts. There Are Only FOUR.

Step 12: Fold in to Make the Side.

Step 13: Now Fold the Opposite Side As Shown. You Should Have Two Points Touching Inside and the General Shape of the Box With Two Tabs Sticking Out.

Step 14: The Two Tabs Will Then Be Folded in to Create the Remaining Sides. All Points Should Be at the Bottom of the Box Touching With No Overlap.

Step 15: Now Take Your Trusty Uhaul Pen and Flatten the Edges of the Box. Done!

You can make two and have a lidded box.

  • If you're smarter than the average bear you'll figure out how to do it without the cuts.

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i totally failed but then again i am bad at origami

ive never made any type of origami before and i did this within a few mins! and its so darn cute!


I'm not smarter than the average bear

I made it without cutting it

Hooray, I think I figured out how to do it without cutting the corners! It doesn't stay very nicely, though. Any tips on that?

Thank you! Great instructable for lazy office days! :)

Finally! My first successful instructable! Thank you!

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For the slightly crafty people who like fabric, you can do this by using fabric stiffener, maybe even ModPodge. Once you have a firmer piece of fabric, you can make your folds, and cuts, and there are no limits to size. (Did anyone ever find a slightly larger than? I mean, square post-its are one size fits all, right? 3", I think. So you'd have to have something about 3-1/4" or even 3-1/2" to be larger. But regular paper comes in colors, and even cardstock does too. I still want to try this with fabric.

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I saw an origami box book where you use fatquarters precut quilting fabric - perfect for making wedding favors (daughter's wedding is in a barn). You've inspired me.