This is a tidy little box that is cool yet useful. It's also a great way to recycle all of your used sticky notes at work. Just make sure the boss isn't watching.

You will need:
Square sticky notes
a pen
your hands
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Step 1: Peel off a sticky note with the sticky part up.

Step 2: Fold from point to point in half

Step 3: Then fold in half again from point to point.

Step 4: Take all 4 points and fold to center.

Step 5: It should look like this.

Step 6: Now fold to first crease from point and do this on all four points.

Step 7: It should look like this now. You will notice that there are four squares near the center that make a square, this is the bottom of your box.

Step 8: Fold the point to the first crease and do this on all four points.

Step 9: This is what you will have when you FLIP IT OVER.

Step 10: Remember the four squres in the middle? You will cut on the crease to the corner of the four squares. You will do FOUR cuts on TWO opposing ends.

Step 11: Look closely at the cuts. There are only FOUR.

Step 12: Fold in to make the side.

Step 13: Now fold the opposite side as shown. You should have two points touching inside and the general shape of the box with two tabs sticking out.

Step 14: The two tabs will then be folded in to create the remaining sides. All points should be at the bottom of the box touching with no overlap.

Step 15: Now take your trusty Uhaul pen and flatten the edges of the box. Done!

You can make two and have a lidded box.

  • If you're smarter than the average bear you'll figure out how to do it without the cuts.
CoolC5 days ago

this is hard I cant make this I DO NOT GET IT

Origami Post-it box... I made it!

AndrewL45 months ago

This is really cool, i made a lidded one.

luckymonkeygarage (author) 11 months ago

Turn the paper and be patient

slewis4011 months ago


slewis4011 months ago

I don't get step 12

MCumic101 year ago

Thank you! Great instructable for lazy office days! :)

wusupworld1 year ago

Good job but i have to say origami consistent of no gluing, or cutting but good job

pattiigg1 year ago
Finally! My first successful instructable! Thank you!
Nice. it help me a lot. Try to visit here also
fmalover2 years ago
can you do this with any other paper to make it bigger?
luckymonkeygarage (author)  fmalover2 years ago
Sure, I think thats a good idea!
thank you it came out a little lager and great I love it!
For the slightly crafty people who like fabric, you can do this by using fabric stiffener, maybe even ModPodge. Once you have a firmer piece of fabric, you can make your folds, and cuts, and there are no limits to size. (Did anyone ever find a slightly larger than? I mean, square post-its are one size fits all, right? 3", I think. So you'd have to have something about 3-1/4" or even 3-1/2" to be larger. But regular paper comes in colors, and even cardstock does too. I still want to try this with fabric.
I saw an origami box book where you use fatquarters precut quilting fabric - perfect for making wedding favors (daughter's wedding is in a barn). You've inspired me.
zbnac883 years ago
I LOVE this!! I've become addicted to making these little boxes! They're very useful!
luckymonkeygarage (author)  zbnac883 years ago
Thank you! They are fun to make in all sizes!
KristenATX4 years ago
I mean, it's cute and everything... but what exactly do you have *that* tiny that needs a box?
Well, you could make it bigger with bigger paper
luckymonkeygarage (author)  KristenATX4 years ago
Post it notes are only a suggestion in this case. Use a larger piece of paper if that suits you better.
Awesome instructable with clear pictures! thanks for posting this! BTW the boxes also scale up quite nicely to different sizes as long as it is a square :)
SMD electronic components ;)
One thing that comes to mind is that this tiny box can hold your limited imagination.
Funny, NYRob! But, not very nice. Remember our rules? Corky
It's a joke! Don't lose your sense of humor.
Maybe if they just had a very small box to put it in, it wouldn't have gotten lost.
a pretty good joke, too -not to be mean, just pointing it out
The comment is a general comment not directed to anyone in this politically correct world. Think of the remark in this sense, "One thing that comes to mind is that this tiny box can hold ones limited imagination."
*The comment is a general comment not directed to anyone in this politically correct world. * You can't backpedal out of snarkiness that easily, NewYorkRob. It wasn't generally directed, it was specific. And it doesn't have anything to do with political correctness (which I abhor). It has everything to do with courtesy.
I have never been so insulted in my life! What an accusation!
What if it was a tiny sketchbook full of schematics, for instance, why not? Write? Even Though it's compartmental imagination eludes its confinement.
Ooookay... asking a genuine question... but if with snark is how you feel you need to respond, more power to you. Hope whoever peed in your cheerios gets what's coming to them.
klercke3 years ago
To be real origami it has to be pure square paper. no cuts. no tears. but besides that I do declare that THIS INSTUCTABLE IS EPIC!
scalleros3 years ago
you could put pennys in the box :D
Cool, kinda tiny but so cool!
ethoo4 years ago
You probably weren't expecting anyone to click on that link, but I happen to be quite smarter than a bear, actually almost to the level of a fish, and I clicked on the link but it was a dead link... you filthy liar
laaha ethoo4 years ago
Whoa, why so mean? Just go to his profile and enjoy. o_O
iPWNiPhone4 years ago
Make me smarter than the average bear by posting how to make without the cuts
NewYorkRob4 years ago
This box can be made with a $50.00 bill also. Practically any paper currency will work as well.
rondom_ely4 years ago
i did it and it was not easy at first but it's very nice thank you for posting how to make it
ethoo4 years ago
Whoops, I didn't expect it to go to the top. I was speaking of the comment at the bottom of the page.
popocops4 years ago
This is awesome! I just used it to make a little box and lid because I had nothing to put my friend's birthday present in.
Treknology4 years ago
"If you're smarter than the average bear you'll figure out how to do it without the cuts." When I was growing up, Origami had simple rules, square paper, colored on one side (optional) and NO cutting! Using post-it notes is a brilliant idea that may see more Origami creations turning up in the office.
TokioHotel6 years ago
Dude. I made a rentangle box!!!! :(
how did you make a rectangle box??!!
rectangle piece of paper
best response ever
Yeah How about a star post it note? lol
DIYbabe4 years ago
A good way to use your prettier Chrstmas and other greeting cards too! if you're good, you can center the box bottom so that any handwritten notes show on the box's finished interior. Make an ornament or a small gift box to hang on your tree or a package (fill it with candy, money, a poem, a secret admirer's wish, treasure hunt hint, whatever you can imagine!)
BarbaraDahl4 years ago
It's just the right size for what is left of my retirement savings! Corky
luckymonkeygarage (author)  BarbaraDahl4 years ago
kondoruy4 years ago
I love it i make 2 of different colors... then... my gf make 1 from a cube piece of paper, a rectangle box come from nowhere D:? im clue-less Here a pic i found
Pat_Maroney4 years ago
This kind of box is called a Masu box. it is possible to make them without making any cuts, I like to glue down the four flags on the inside bottom to keep the box together. If you want to make a lid for it you can take another piece of paper the same size as the box & fold the four corners to the center. Then take each side of this "new" square and fold them towards the center but noooot quite there. Finish the box the same way as in the 'ible. This new box will be slightly larger than the original and make a lid that fits quite well.
i would rather cut it insted of gluing it...
geoper24 years ago
cool ! i made one its cute and has a nice shape thanks for this
xbox37054 years ago
alot of this paper folding stuff is a bit cunfusing near the end.
If you make a second one for a lid, make it slightly larger than your bottom, or else it won't fit.
lol, that would be pretty cool!
I haven't yet found a post-it larger than my bottom ...
quesoman manky4 years ago
Mojo_JoJo4 years ago
Love this, very quick and easy to make. I will probably adapt it to hold more stuff like screws, nails, buttons etc. My first one turned out just 1/2 inch square from the postit I had. A more durable one could be made from a plastic transparency sheet and used for maybe small plants like say strawberry or fern.
oidium454 years ago
If you cut a small amount off of another sticky note so that it is smaller but still a perfect square and make another box, you can make an enclosed box out of the two.
quegurjin4 years ago
I'm smarter than the average bear.
NewYorkRob4 years ago
Incidentally, a slightly larger post-it box can be the lid.
TokioHotel6 years ago
How do you do step number 6??? I dont quiet get it.
The point of that end you'll fold to the first crease on the point above the point you are folding. Although you see shadows, the paper is actually flat so picture it that way and it'll make more sense. Does that help?
I love it ! It's adorable. Can't wait to show my daughter :) Just an FYI... paper folding - with cutting - is Kirigami.
Not really. Kirigami is something entirely different. Remember those snowflakes you made as a kid. Those are Kirigami. The cutting is integral to the design of the art. Origami with cuts is simply origami with cuts. The "One Square, No Cuts" rule is more of a challenge for competitions.
Is it Origami if cutting is involved?
Only in the most formal settings. Plenty of masters use cuts, but only if the participants agree to it beforehand and/or this is stated in the presentation of the piece. Origami, literally, means folded paper. Kirigami means cut paper. Kirigami is something entirely different from "origami with a few cuts". There is also modular origami and animated, or motion origami.
No. Once you make a cut, it is then called Kirigami.
abbyy4 years ago
I didn't think you can cut the paper in Origami? Cute box, this would be a good skill if you were into burning time at the office.
You can cut paper in Origami. Lots of masters do it. However, there is a school of thought of very formal folders that follow the "one square (one piece of paper that is perfectly square), no cuts" rule. It's more of a personal challenge than an unbreakable law. It takes a bit more skill to do it that way, but you are limited to what you can do. However, check out this site. Robert Lang, and others, have made a real career out of one square, no cuts".
FrozenStar5 years ago
:( my sticky notes are rectangles
You can probably make a box out of them. Get creative!!!
A classmate taught me how to make this origami box in the 4th grade and to this day, 15 years later, I still make them. She taught me using regular 8 1/2 x 11 paper - you just cut off the excess to make it a square. I've always made them this way. FrozenStar, all you have to do is fold one point across the paper diagonally as if there were an imaginary line for a "square" in which the point comes to form a 90degree angle and your other corners form 45degree angles, just like an isosceles triangle (if I remember my geometric terms). Cut off the extra "lip" and you can fold it and attach it later to make a little basket!
SeaLion4 years ago
Actually, you don't really need to cut the can just fold it away under the 'flaps' that you will fold into the 'inside' of the box.
BarbaraDahl4 years ago
I just made one! So cute, my grandson will love it. Thanks for the tute! BTW - Happy Father's Day to all of you daddies. Corky
jwellz4 years ago
Very Cool, I was taught to make these at school. You can make them quite big and sturdy with bigger pieces of card! (Gift Boxes?) You can also line the bottom of the box with a square of paper to hide the folds/cuts.
Trash Queen4 years ago
Use a ruler and draw a large X from corner to corner, and then fold. You won't have any creases on the top of the box doing it this way. Our directions show how to make a box from an old greeting card, and this is better for the environment. Go to to see Fold Origami Boxes.
jturnrich4 years ago
No cutting in Origami!
aglaranna4 years ago
I used to make boxes like this when I was a kid! Never so small as with a post-it, tho.
elisawf4 years ago
I like it so much
Flumpkins6 years ago
Why aren't the Instructables In the middle of the dang page anymore? It's getting really irritating seeing it to the right of the page... Is it just my comp or do other people have that too??
just your comp try zooming out ctrl -
zack2474 years ago
i learned how without any cutting, and a lot less folding.
make an instructable!
voemaster5 years ago
i love this it easy to follow and nice pics too

I made a rectangle box too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mason01905 years ago
You can just crease the edges and gently tear for a not-so-neat cut, and it never shows!
jmanlk4565 years ago
this is great i love it
vcrouch5 years ago
Did it on first try. Thanks for the great instructions. Love paper folding.
i wanna make 1 but i dont really understand step 12
I love it :)
Just made one.
Very easy to make.
kittyred6 years ago
EXCELLENT Tutorial...
Dragonblu806 years ago
I made a bigger one as a paper ring box. Nice Instructable!
Darren.6 years ago
GREATInstructable! I simply loved it!
sk8on6 years ago
i could not get the thing at all . . . this thing box thing is like sooooo hard i gonna keep tryin idk if i will get it i might have to go out and buy more sticky notes !!!!!!
mabey you can practice on a larger piece of paper so its less tricky and more visable till you get the hang of it
okdoky6 years ago
g123453897 years ago
i made it really good
Awesome instructable. I think this is one of the best I've seen! Hats off to u!
Sunbanks7 years ago
I once made a big box out of craft paper the size of wrapping paper
OK...I have been making these at my desk for days now...anything I can find...old greeting cards, post it's,memos, this months budget update... tonight I made one from the hydro bill without cutting... totally cool...Real feeling of accomplishment AM
kirei7 years ago
what is the use of making these boxes? its a waste of time... does any one here know how to make a personalized post it note?
lawizeg kirei7 years ago
if you have something better to do than make stuff, then you shouldnt be on this site.
lieuwe7 years ago
i love these! btw it isn't real origamy becouze you need to cut the paper. sorry for my bad english
HaloJocelyn7 years ago
that was a nice work distraction... now what am I going to do with the next 4 hours and 55 minutes....?
latobada8 years ago
i made that for all the less than avarage bears that cant to it without scissors.
kroyb latobada7 years ago
:( Link doesn't work
latobada kroyb7 years ago
kroyb7 years ago
Thanks a lot. Nice instructions.
phreec7 years ago
i've been making these since about 3rd grade...but i learned to make them out of old cards (xmas, b'day, holiday, etc)...and yeah, they're adorable! and handy for crafters who use SMALL items, or tiny gifts, etc :))
:D same & 2 things I don't have a U haul pen but I also made a bigger version
skatetwin58 years ago
I'm glad that the cutting part is nice and clear (if you cut of the wrong piece your whole project is messed up!).
childofbean8 years ago
Clear instructions and great pictures- this was easy to make and I enjoyed it. Thanks!
belarson8 years ago
Wow, this is a beautifully presented instructable - i have always found origami instructions rather hard to understand, but yours is very clear
zachninme8 years ago
I have always done it without cutting, although I don't know how easy it would be with the stickyness... I always had to use a touch of tape.
eemientjee8 years ago
normad8 years ago
now that is one of the coolest, yet most useless tutorials i have seen. i love it!
Very clever. If you make shallower cuts and fold the first sides in slightly in front of the existing crease (step 11, 12), you can make a box with a slightly larger perimeter that will slip nicely over the one you described. Now you have a top!
latobada8 years ago
i made that for all the less than avarage bears that cant to it without scissors.
Awesome idea... but wat can da box store... its sooo small....
frusciante8 years ago
Fantastic Idea...By the way you can make photoshop auto-correct the hot pixel of your camera...