Picture of Origami Post-it box
This is a tidy little box that is cool yet useful. It's also a great way to recycle all of your used sticky notes at work. Just make sure the boss isn't watching.

You will need:
Square sticky notes
a pen
your hands

Step 1: Peel off a sticky note with the sticky part up.

Picture of Peel off a sticky note with the sticky part up.

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Hooray, I think I figured out how to do it without cutting the corners! It doesn't stay very nicely, though. Any tips on that?

CoolC6 months ago

this is hard I cant make this I DO NOT GET IT

manilyn.pantua10 months ago

Origami Post-it box... I made it!

AndrewL411 months ago

This is really cool, i made a lidded one.

luckymonkeygarage (author) 1 year ago

Turn the paper and be patient

slewis401 year ago


slewis401 year ago

I don't get step 12

MCumic101 year ago

Thank you! Great instructable for lazy office days! :)

wusupworld1 year ago

Good job but i have to say origami consistent of no gluing, or cutting but good job

pattiigg1 year ago
Finally! My first successful instructable! Thank you!
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fmalover3 years ago
can you do this with any other paper to make it bigger?
luckymonkeygarage (author)  fmalover3 years ago
Sure, I think thats a good idea!
thank you it came out a little lager and great I love it!
For the slightly crafty people who like fabric, you can do this by using fabric stiffener, maybe even ModPodge. Once you have a firmer piece of fabric, you can make your folds, and cuts, and there are no limits to size. (Did anyone ever find a slightly larger than? I mean, square post-its are one size fits all, right? 3", I think. So you'd have to have something about 3-1/4" or even 3-1/2" to be larger. But regular paper comes in colors, and even cardstock does too. I still want to try this with fabric.
I saw an origami box book where you use fatquarters precut quilting fabric - perfect for making wedding favors (daughter's wedding is in a barn). You've inspired me.
zbnac883 years ago
I LOVE this!! I've become addicted to making these little boxes! They're very useful!
luckymonkeygarage (author)  zbnac883 years ago
Thank you! They are fun to make in all sizes!
KristenATX5 years ago
I mean, it's cute and everything... but what exactly do you have *that* tiny that needs a box?
Well, you could make it bigger with bigger paper
luckymonkeygarage (author)  KristenATX5 years ago
Post it notes are only a suggestion in this case. Use a larger piece of paper if that suits you better.
Awesome instructable with clear pictures! thanks for posting this! BTW the boxes also scale up quite nicely to different sizes as long as it is a square :)
SMD electronic components ;)
One thing that comes to mind is that this tiny box can hold your limited imagination.
Funny, NYRob! But, not very nice. Remember our rules? Corky
It's a joke! Don't lose your sense of humor.
Maybe if they just had a very small box to put it in, it wouldn't have gotten lost.
a pretty good joke, too -not to be mean, just pointing it out
The comment is a general comment not directed to anyone in this politically correct world. Think of the remark in this sense, "One thing that comes to mind is that this tiny box can hold ones limited imagination."
*The comment is a general comment not directed to anyone in this politically correct world. * You can't backpedal out of snarkiness that easily, NewYorkRob. It wasn't generally directed, it was specific. And it doesn't have anything to do with political correctness (which I abhor). It has everything to do with courtesy.
I have never been so insulted in my life! What an accusation!
What if it was a tiny sketchbook full of schematics, for instance, why not? Write? Even Though it's compartmental imagination eludes its confinement.
Ooookay... asking a genuine question... but if with snark is how you feel you need to respond, more power to you. Hope whoever peed in your cheerios gets what's coming to them.
klercke4 years ago
To be real origami it has to be pure square paper. no cuts. no tears. but besides that I do declare that THIS INSTUCTABLE IS EPIC!
scalleros4 years ago
you could put pennys in the box :D
Cool, kinda tiny but so cool!
ethoo5 years ago
You probably weren't expecting anyone to click on that link, but I happen to be quite smarter than a bear, actually almost to the level of a fish, and I clicked on the link but it was a dead link... you filthy liar
laaha ethoo4 years ago
Whoa, why so mean? Just go to his profile and enjoy. o_O
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