Origami Rocket





Introduction: Origami Rocket

You can make a real, working rocket from a simple sheet of paper!

The heart of this is a traditional "water bomb" origami model.  There are already quite a few Instructables on making the water-bomb, so I simply present the steps as photos.

Turning it into a rocket, though...

The fuel I chose for this project was propane from my blowtorch.  It's a happy coincidence that a drinking straw fits down the central delivery tube of my blowtorch.  I cut a straw to a spike, and it became a perfect delivery system for injecting fuel into the water bomb through the inflation hole.

I blew in gas for a few seconds, laid the rocket on its side, then applied a match to the hole.


I normally fuel these with methane (natural gas) from my lab gas-taps, so a few rockets went up in flames while I got the fuel-air mix right...

An impressive feature of these rockets in lessons is their size - I can keep a handful in my pocket, inflating them as I need during the lesson, as we discuss the various factors that can influence the distance they scoot across the desk.



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Who needs fireworks? Genius!!!

Er, if there are actual flames, something has gone wrong...


lol... doncha know?  That's the Redneck Way. ;-D

when I blew the rocket,the fuel exploded ;/ DON'T TRY THIS ATE HOME KIDS

The fuel is supposed to explode - what kind of gas did you use?

There's your problem - you should have used a gas that won't react violently with the paper the rocket is made of.

You know, like the propane I mentioned in the text...

OK i just did this and for extra measure coated the inside of the paper with heat resistant paint. it didn't work and produced a lot of smoke. though next time i am going to use card stock.