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You can make a real, working rocket from a simple sheet of paper!

The heart of this is a traditional "water bomb" origami model.  There are already quite a few Instructables on making the water-bomb, so I simply present the steps as photos.

Turning it into a rocket, though...

The fuel I chose for this project was propane from my blowtorch.  It's a happy coincidence that a drinking straw fits down the central delivery tube of my blowtorch.  I cut a straw to a spike, and it became a perfect delivery system for injecting fuel into the water bomb through the inflation hole.

I blew in gas for a few seconds, laid the rocket on its side, then applied a match to the hole.


I normally fuel these with methane (natural gas) from my lab gas-taps, so a few rockets went up in flames while I got the fuel-air mix right...

An impressive feature of these rockets in lessons is their size - I can keep a handful in my pocket, inflating them as I need during the lesson, as we discuss the various factors that can influence the distance they scoot across the desk.


bajablue (author)2012-07-13

Who needs fireworks? Genius!!!

Kiteman (author)bajablue2012-07-14

Er, if there are actual flames, something has gone wrong...

or if the fuel can explodes

bajablue (author)Kiteman2012-07-14

lol... doncha know?  That's the Redneck Way. ;-D

TherubiksSolver8219 (author)2016-02-01

when I blew the rocket,the fuel exploded ;/ DON'T TRY THIS ATE HOME KIDS

The fuel is supposed to explode - what kind of gas did you use?

i meant 2.I also used the propain tank mentioned

nitrogen peroxide

There's your problem - you should have used a gas that won't react violently with the paper the rocket is made of.

You know, like the propane I mentioned in the text...

kenyer made it! (author)2014-03-01

On a "summer" camp we made loads of them. This was the first one that worked :)

Kiteman (author)kenyer2014-03-01


smiley G.I JOE (author)2012-11-01

OK i just did this and for extra measure coated the inside of the paper with heat resistant paint. it didn't work and produced a lot of smoke. though next time i am going to use card stock.

smiley G.I JOE (author)2012-10-30

i may try this project just for fun but i am wondering will i end up with some thing like this.

Kiteman (author)smiley G.I JOE2012-10-31

Er.... not quite...

iceng (author)2012-07-12

Very neat working rocket...

I would like to know of any interesting failed projects.

Kiteman (author)iceng2012-07-12

Somewhere in the depths of my shed is a failed "Kelvin's Thunderstorm".

Pfarmkid (author)Kiteman2012-09-25

You should remake it into a non-failure and post it. Kelvin Thunderstorms are pretty cool I think at least I think so know after I Googled it

Kiteman (author)Pfarmkid2012-09-25

It's on my list.

However, my list currently has over 200 projects on it...

Pfarmkid (author)Kiteman2012-09-25

Hmm... Well sounds like a busy day

yapoyo (author)2012-08-02

(removed by Robert Goddard)

Kiteman (author)yapoyo2012-08-02

Goddard invented the *liquid* fuelled rocket...

yapoyo (author)2012-08-02

(removed by Robert Goddard)

fjordcarver (author)2012-07-13

Love it, gonna try this sometime soon.

Kiteman (author)fjordcarver2012-07-14


freeza36 (author)2012-07-13

This is awesome. And nice avatar, i like the new background.

Kiteman (author)freeza362012-07-14

I like to theme them sometimes.

mikeasaurus (author)2012-07-12

This is great!

Kiteman (author)mikeasaurus2012-07-13


MainaMakes (author)2012-07-12

It is a traditional Origami in my country, Japan, and is named Fusen which means balloon.
It is quite shocking for me to see the name of water bomb.

Kiteman (author)MainaMakes2012-07-13

I'm sorry you're upset, but no offense was meant. In the UK, this has been folded by many generations of schoolboys, who then fill them with water and throw them at each other like a grenade.

Since that has been the primary use of this form for so long, the name has stuck, and English-language origami books refer to the triangular shape in the eighth photo as a "water bomb base".

canucksgirl (author)2012-07-12

That was just awesome! I loved the video with the tune you added... and the drumroll... Priceless... :D

Great job.

Kiteman (author)canucksgirl2012-07-13

Thank you!

l3aca (author)2012-07-12

Awesome :D, you know, you can also take a butane lighter put it to the hole and hold the button down for about 15 secs then light it, whoosh!

Kiteman (author)l3aca2012-07-12

When you have access to a school lab, the bench gas supply is a lot more convenient.

RocketPenguin (author)Kiteman2012-07-12

sneeks into schools science lab during lunch....

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