Picture of Origami Rose in Bloom
With my second wedding anniversary, I was looking back through the traditional gifts for anniversaries and found pictures of origami roses, and thought to myself... I can do that!

They make a wonderfully romantic gift for girlfriends, fiances, wives or even moms. It's something you put time and effort into and will be cherished. And if you have one of those girls who knows the meaning of different color roses, I'll include a guide for what colors mean what.

DISCLAIMER: please be nice, this is my first instructable. Any positive feedback on how to improve this instructable is greatly appreciated.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
- A square piece of paper, in any desired color.  It might be helpful if the opposite side of the paper is a different color. An ideal size is 20 cm x 20 cm. I will be using blue for the right side and white for the wrong side

- Pair of tweezers

- Pen to mark reference lines (if desired)

- Pencil or pen to curl petals

- ***Time and lots of patience. IMPORTANT! If at any time you feel frustrated, take a break and come back. This can get frustrating and if you get frustrated you can easily mess up.****

Rose colors and meanings:
- Red: romance and love
- Deep Pink: "thank you"
- Regular Pink: happiness
- Light Pink: "sympathy" or condolences
- White: innocence and purity
- Yellow: friendship and caring
- Lavender: falling in love or enchantment
- Orange: desire
- Black (deep deep red): unfortunately has come to symbolize death. Not a good gift idea
- Blue: mystery, rarity and attaining the impossible
- Mixture of white and red: unity

If you have questions about other meanings, I recommend

Step 2: Prepare the Base

Picture of Prepare the Base
Take the paper, wrong side up, and fold in half.

Reopen the paper and fold each end to the crease made in the previous step. (pic 1)

Unfold. Turn the paper 90 degrees and repeat the process.

The creases on the paper should be like the ones in pic 2.
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sjteseny made it!1 month ago
I really like your instructions. they were very clear. thank you. I am making a bouquet for my mom for valentine's day.
MichaelaS2 months ago

help me with step 9?? there are no instructions that go with it and i cant figure it out :/

batgirl87 (author)  MichaelaS2 months ago
The best way I can think to describe it is:

For each corner, fold over, then after flipping the entire thing over, fold the triangle down. After you do this for each corner, use the remaining "triangles" at the top to fold together and make sort of a "top" or lid over the inside. (The pinwheel like picture)
MarinaF MichaelaS2 months ago

I understand what to do but i'm not the best at explaining so excuse my lack of teaching skills. Anyway what you have to do is condense all of the different sides so that there is a triangle in the left side but the rest is straight then you have to bend the triangle and fold them so that the triangle has one triangle above it on the right and one triangle under it to the left. sorry for the poor explanation but that's the best I can do.

MichaelaS2 months ago

help me with step 9?? there are no instructions that go with it and i cant figure it out :/

lmuncy made it!10 months ago

I wanted to thank you, batgirl87. Origami without video instructions can often be difficult but whenever I got stuck I took your advice to step away for a moment and clear my head and it worked! I made this gorgeous piece out of handmade paper thanks to you!

ekop lmuncy6 months ago


i will make my own

DennisW16 months ago

can pls share how to make origami rose using money as the shape of money is rectangle and not square? Pls help

CasandreR6 months ago

??? I made it to the end of step five but step six is confusing me...

Devman2101 year ago
wow, might make that for my crush for next week, thanks for the great tutorial :)
Can someone please help me? I'm stuck with Step 5.
laurieward1 year ago
Thanks for this! I have gone through many instructions for origami roses and this is the first one I have been able to complete.
rositiana2 years ago
Nice made
i believe you repeat 1-4 on each little triangle it looks right so far on mine
bcanales3 years ago
Were's part 2 :,( ????
batgirl87 (author)  bcanales3 years ago
Unfortunately life has gotten in the way and I hadn't had a chance to put it up... I am trying, I am sorry :(
raen7143 years ago
Thank you for the instructable! I've been looking for an origami pattern for a rose that wasn't just a bud. You did lose me for a while at step nine, though, and it took me a long time to figure out what was happening at step 6. I made mine from a page I had cut from a book to make a secret compartment for a friend...the paper was 10cmX10cm, so step 10 was reeeeaaaaallllly difficult. I think it came out fairly well for my first attempt, though.
batgirl87 (author)  raen7143 years ago
Beautiful! Glad it worked for you!
tonels3 years ago
I do not understand. is there a video or other instructables like this?
puppies4173 years ago
Wee still don't know how to fold it but make sure you have made the creases on all sides. You'll know you have folded all the sides correctly (like the first) when u make a square on the top like the first picture. Hope that helps. But... ANYONE KNOW HOW TO FOLD IT?!
danrevie3 years ago
this is the only diagram i have been able to follow , great instructable :)
pandaaze3 years ago
I'm lost at the same place as everyone else. I can't figure out how to get from step 1 to 2 & I've been at it for over an hour. Please update. Thanks in advance!
crae4883 years ago
I liked this instructable. Took a little while on some steps but over all it wasn't too hard to follow. I found it a little easier to curl the petals with the tweezers instead of the pencil.
I'M so lost. HOw do you go from picture 1 to 2?
batgirl87 (author) 3 years ago
Note to everyone: Thank you for all of the comments. I am deeply sorry for not responding to comments sooner. Shortly after posting this instructable, I accepted a job teaching and my students had to come first. Being more time-consuming than I perceived, I have not had time for my followers and I am sorry.

But summer is here so on to more instructables!

Unfortunately I do not have a way to create a video so I am sorry. As I have noticed though, many other people are willing to help and there is the wonderful internet where I am sure there are more examples.

To those who have difficulty with my instructables: I didn't get them right the first time either and the pictures I had to go off of were much much worse. So again, I am sorry but I am not a creative writing major and described the steps to the best of my ability.

Thank you to those who have helped others out!

To those who completed their roses: They are gorgeous! I am so glad you were able to finish them and make others happy with them!

Again, Thank you everyone!
Jefzor3 years ago
lovely a very good instructable!! a tip for people who have some trouble, keep staring at the pictures and try to see the same in your own rose :)

good luck !

thanks batgirl87 !
fred19703 years ago
I'm really lost can u please help me anyone
vdrakecolt3 years ago
I lost you from here.
Please explain.
Lunarius3 years ago
I had a few issues with steps 5 and 9, but otherwise found this to be a very concise and clear guide. Thank you so much!
kamekaze0003 years ago
How from pic 1 to 2? doesnt make sense.
bigrajk4 years ago
It seems like the traced light blue lines would be "mountain folds" - i.e. folds in which you form a peak facing up; the pink/red lines are "valley folds" - folds in which you form a valley, or have the peak pointing down to the desk.

If you do the three mountain folds and the single valley fold in the first pic, u get pic 2; if u unfold it and then follow the pattern in pic 3, then you get pic 4. repeat for the remaining 3 sides, and you get pic 5.

does that make any sense? :-P
rscott34 years ago
help i dont understand HOW do i fold the bit im ment to????
please i need a bit more detals
FINALLY DONE :D lol i used teeny tiny origami paper for this one >3> so i had soo much dificulties to fold but hey! it's done! xD teeny tiny orange flower
Photo 110.jpg
batgirl87 (author)  princessrad1114 years ago
Beautiful job! It's encouraging that someone can actually follow my instructable! Thanks for the confidence boost!
:D i tried again with bigger paper and i think they look pretty nice! thx for tha great ible!
Photo 111.jpg
batgirl87 (author)  princessrad1114 years ago
Welcome! Part 2 will be coming soon with the base, stem and laves... And those are gorgeous roses!
Are you planning to do it? In Catalonia it's typical to give roses to the girlfriend on the 23rd of April and this year I'll make a small bunch of paper roses. I already have the roses and I'm going to do the stem
Is part 2 coming anytime soon? I was hoping I could give one to my mom in a card for Christmas.
yay! i'd def. do prt 2 if it comes :3
oddartist4 years ago
I am above average in intelligence, am extremely creative, and generally can take one look at something to figure out how it's made. But I too need a video. I am totally stuck somewhere between steps 5 & 6. It would probably be easier if the photos showed ONLY the creases that were formed up to that point instead of making the rose, then unfolding it for photos. This is like trying to follow foreign language instructions while blindfolded. Video please? Or someone point me to clearer instructions?
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