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These instructions are oddly specific. That is because they were written for a task analysis assignment for a special education class. They are very specific, but that was done on purpose.

Step 1:

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Get out origami paper.

Step 2:

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Choose which colour you would like to fold your sail boat out of.

Step 3:

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Pick just one piece of Origami paper.

Step 4:

Every time you make a fold, be sure to make a solid crease by holding it against the table and running your finger along it firmly.

Step 5:

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Hold paper gently in both hands in front of you, coloured side you.

Step 6:

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Being careful to line up the corners, fold the paper in half diagonally to form a triangle, color side in. This is “fold A.” Remember to make solid creases in your paper!
The white side of the paper should be facing out.

Step 7:

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Set paper on the table with the largest angle pointing up. (Like a mountain)

Step 8:

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Hold the paper steady with your left hand.

Step 9:

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Locate the right edge of the top layer.

Step 10:

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Being careful to line up corners, fold the paper so that they right edge lines up with the bottom edge. This is “Fold B.”

Step 11:

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Flip the paper to the other side.

Step 12:

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Turn paper so large point is on top.

Step 13:

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Steady paper with your right hand.

Step 14:

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Being careful to make sure the corners line up, use your left hand to fold the left edge to the bottom edge. This is “Fold C”

Step 15:

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Unfold only “fold A”. Fold B and C should remain folded.

Step 16:

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Hold the paper in front of you with the skinner angle pointed down. The flaps should be in the back and no white should be visible

Step 17:

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Fold the bottom corner to the top corner. You should now have a pentagon!

Step 18:

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Flip paper over to reverse side.

Step 19:

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There are two long sides and two short sides, point to them.

Step 20:

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There is a vertical center crease. Find that also.

Step 21:

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On the right, fold the short side so that it lines up with the center crease.

Step 22:

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One the left, do the same thing, fold the short side so it line up with the center crease.

We now have a thinner pentagon!

Step 23:

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With your right hand grab the top triangle, but only the top most layer.

Step 24:

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Pull back the top layer till it is stopped by another fold.

Step 25:

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Form a crease there.

Step 26:

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Undo that fold slightly so that your new sail sticks up from the body of the boat at a right angle.

Step 27:

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Gently curl the front of your boat upwards. The easiest way to do this is to curl it around your index finger. It will look like an elf shoe.

Step 28:

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Set boat on table, front facing away from you

Step 29:

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Gently blow on sail until the boat sails forward and off the desk.


mulesaremylife (author)2014-11-03

I have never done origami before this is sooooo cool!!!!!

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