This is the very first origami model I learned, you can even turn it into a fish with a swift cut to its back. This is my sixth instructable, and, now that I have my hands on some much needed glue, I shall soon be doing projects not origami related (Yuss!). If you are a beginner, or know a n00b who could use this information, this is the perfect project for you. Tell me what you think (And if you want to know how to make the fish) -- and PLEASE check out my origami eagle. That instructable has been mystreriously neglected by my fellow instructabrarians.

Step 1: Triangles and Something Less Threatening Than Tribulations

Start with the colored side down, though you are best achieving your model with a sticky note or a big newspaper. Fold one of the corners to the other, giving you a neat isosceles triangle. Fold the corners farthest from each other to meet the top tip, or meet in the center.

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