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Introduction: Origami Slinky

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In this instructable I will teach you how to make a modular Origami Slinky Designed by Jo Nakashima. All credit goes to him. This slinky can tumble down steps, but normal stairs are to big. It does work on smaller stairs. If you want, make a cool box out of cardboard or something, and give it as a gift.

Step 1: Folding Each Module

Follow each picture to make each module. You need to make 65-80 modules. Each piece of paper should be 8 cm by 8 cm or 3.125 in by 3.125 in.

Step 2: Assembling the Modules

Now for assembling the modules. Notice on each modules one side looks like an "M", and on the other side it looks like an upside "V".



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    I am about to try and make that! It looks so cool!

    now ive leant something ori wise

    Love it. Extremely good Instructable. As a long time paper folder may I recommend these tips to improve folding results. 1: Be very accurate with measuring. 2: Cut edges cleanly. 3: Fold precisely. 4: Crease your folds firmly. NOTE: Experienced origamists use a polished agate boning tool, the curved edge of scissors or even the thumbnail. This gives a sharp edge and the entire piece will behave better for you. I hope this will be helpfull to all folders.

    Some time ago finally I could finish a not perfect spring similar than yours but not modular.
    Good job!

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    I think I tried to make that spring before, but it didn't really work. maybe I should try It again sometime.

    Wow, what a cool idea! Thanks for this instructable! I totally have to go and make this!

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