Introduction: Origami Snow Storm

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Have you ever made paper snow flakes?

Here are a few patterns you can use that are great not only for winter decorations but can also be glued to greeting cards, paper lanterns, on the wall or other places.

It's so exciting when you unfold the paper because each one is a surprise, never exactly when you imagined...

Step 1: What Do You'll Need...

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Just paper and a scissors! You don't have to use square paper like origami (though it works very well). You can also use wrapping paper, newspaper, washi paper... I don't recommend a heavy weight paper -- thin, light paper works much better.

Step 2: Folding- Type A

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Fold your paper into a triangle twice. Make an "accordion-fold"so you have a 45 degree angle at the center tip.

Step 3: Folding -type B

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...or you can make a triangle shape then fold it into three so you have a 60 degree angle.

Step 4: Folding -type C

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...or you can fold your paper into triangles twice, then into three to get a 30 degree angle.

Step 5: Start to Cut the Paper - With Type A

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After folding your paper, trace the pattern lightly with a pencil. Next, start to cut small patterns into the shape using an X-acto blade or other knife. These four designs are based on the type A folding pattern.

Step 6: Cutting With Type B

Picture of Cutting With Type B

This is using the type B folding pattern.

Step 7: Cutting With Type C

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These patterns are based on type C folding.

You can make finishing details with simple cuttings using the type C folding. However the paper is 12 layers thick so it's hard to cut through if you use heavy paper.

Please adjust the size of PDF pattern to fit your paper. I hope you enjoy it!


NicoleM30 (author)2016-11-22

could use some detailed fold instructions.

MirandaK8 (author)2015-12-31

Not to be a party pooper, but this isn't origami. Kinda disappointed.

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