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Introduction: Origami Spike Ball

About: I love Origami. I've been doing Origami for 3 years. I play soccer and tennis.

Make this Origami Spike Ball with 10 easy steps

Step 1: Materials

You are going to need 12 sheets of paper or 12 square sheets of paper

Step 2: Making a Square Sheet of Paper

Fold it to get a trapezoid. Then make it into a triangle. Open it into a square. Flip it over to the other side. (If you already have square sheets of paper skip this step.)

Step 3:

Fold it in half. Open it up. Fold edges into the middle.

Step 4:

Open it up. Fold the bottom left and top right corners to the 1st and 4th lines. Repeat. Fold into the middle.

Step 5:

Take the none folded side and bring to the edge. Then put the triangles under the folded part.

Step 6:

Flip to the other side. Take corners and fold to the corners to make a square. Fold in half.

Step 7:

Make 11 more.

Step 8:

Look at pic. /\

Step 9:

Make 4 pyramids by putting three triangles in the slots.

Step 10:

Add 3 triangles together to get this.

Step 11:

Add the fourth triangle to get the finished product.



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    Nice! You make cool origami stuff. Your instructables would be even more amazing if you had some better lighting in your photos. If there was a way that you could film, or have someone film while you were doing some of the steps, you could convert the clips into a .gif and have an instructable that was contest worthy. Keep up the good work!

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    do you know how to do this on a chromebook?

    I need to make some some SOMA Cube puzzles with this technique

    30 pieces of paper make a 20 pointed star. I like how big you made it--you can use it to wrap unusual shaped presents.

    Very impressive. I am going to have to show this to my daughter. She really loves all things origami.

    tommorow I will show you how to build a triangle