Introduction: Origami Spiky Cuboctahedron

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AKA Spiky Ball

Created and assembled by Daniel Martin Luna.

Step 1: Materials

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You will need 12 square pieces of origami paper
If you want a small spiky ball, use small square pieces of paper. Vice Versa.

(Thin paper is not advised)

Step 2: Folding the Module

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Fold the 12 square pieces into a Pinwheel style.

Click here for help.

Step 3: Assembly

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Insert the modules as shown:

There should be 2 pods of 4 modules.

Stick a pencil through the holes of the 4 modules.

Keeping the ends aligned, proceed to connect the 2 pods with the 4 remaining modules.

If you are more a a visual learner try this link.

Step 4: Just for Fun?!

Picture of Just for Fun?!

I added a solar powered LED light inside the Cuboctahedron.


scoochmaroo (author)2011-12-13

This looks awesome!

0oLunao0 (author)scoochmaroo2011-12-13


0oLunao0 (author)2011-12-13

This project took me about 7 man hours....while watching 3 disks of "It's always Sunny in Philadelphia".

PunithK2 (author)2016-05-06

nice but need more visuals

adale123 (author)2013-02-08

Are sticky notes okay?

thomasthetankengine (author)2011-12-17

Just made it! Awesome ;-)

Great!! It is fun to make if you have the time....

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