Picture of Origami Star LED Throwie
Well... I've looked through instructables here and haven't found this done so... yea... hehe... Below is the final product
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Step 1: Two projects combined

Picture of Two projects combined
Ok... this whole project really is two projects put together...

1. The original LED Throwies tutorial: LED Throwies
2. How to make an origami star: Origami Star

Essentially here are the items you will need:

1. 5mm Super Bright LED:
I got from ebay... 105 of them for $9.99... 7 different colors :D

2. CR2032 3V Lithium Batteries:
just looked through froogle.com goes around $0.50 - $2.00

3. 1-inch wide Strapping Tape:
I'm using duct tape here cuz i don't have any strapping tape... hehe... can be found pretty much anywhere

4. 1/2" Dia x 1/8" Thick NdFeB Disc Magnet, Ni-Cu-Ni plated:
can be found at Amazing Magnets & KJ Magnetics

5. 1.5cm x 18 cm strip of translucent vellum: found in most art stores... got mine from Utrecht

Step 2: Let's get started

Picture of Let's get started
Alrighty... now to get this goin...

First off... try and get the LED wires as close to each other as possible with out them touching... use pliers if you must

Now begin making the star by making the "knot". After that's made insert the LED into the pocket with the longer paper end sticking out. This will cause the paper to be bloated but don't worry, just try and keep it tight. Next fold the longer paper end across so that it traps the LED, pictures below should make more sense. Then continue on finishing the star. When done pinch in the sides and you've got the star.

Step 3: LIGHT!!

Picture of LIGHT!!
Now for the battery...

Stick the battery in between the two LED legs. If one way doesn't work the other way should make it light. After it's lighted, take the tape and cover over the battery partially. Place the magnet on the tape and cover the rest of the tape around it.

There you have it. All finished. Go have fun and throw your lil stars around :D
beasthunter1 month ago


MastaAzumarek (author)  beasthunter1 month ago
:D ty
sunshiine1 year ago

Very pretty! Thanks for sharing your hard work.


lhong43 years ago
Would it be ok to make the star bigger so that the battery can be inside the star instead of sticking out?
MastaAzumarek (author)  lhong43 years ago
well the main reason for the light sticking out was so that the magnet would directly come in contact with the metal it's gonna stick on, but if the magnet is strong enough, then I guess it could work, don't know how well the star would glow with the size of the star compared to the LED... I guess try it out and c wat happens :D
kusadama5 years ago
i just love makin these stars. i never thought about this idea...thanks for the inspiration :D
MastaAzumarek (author)  kusadama4 years ago
my pleasure :D
micobanff5 years ago
 I never could make those origami stars look good! lol
MastaAzumarek (author)  micobanff4 years ago
i would suggest longer strips of paper
so simple yet awesome
AnaLou5 years ago
I love it. Beautiful and simple!
MastaAzumarek (author)  AnaLou5 years ago
:D thank you!
agis685 years ago
 Awesome !!!!
MastaAzumarek (author)  agis685 years ago
hehe thanx
Capt. Howdy6 years ago
Very cool.
MastaAzumarek (author)  Capt. Howdy6 years ago
thanks :D
norml6 years ago
Beautiful and brilliant in it's simplicity.
MastaAzumarek (author)  norml6 years ago
:D thanks you
dr156 years ago
Very very cool! looks great :-)
MastaAzumarek (author)  dr156 years ago
:D thanks