Introduction: Origami Star Wars Tie Fighter (Easy) Version 1.0

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Origami Star Wars Tie Fighter. Please enjoy this tutorial, it is simple and is an easy-to-make pastime. Share this with anyone and everyone you know!

P.S. Try making this with a dollar bill.

New! I have added the video of me making this craft. Please Watch!

Step 1: The Base Folds

Picture of The Base Folds

Step 2: The Wings

Picture of The Wings

Step 3: The Body

Picture of The Body

Thank you for viewing the tutorial!


diamondfight3 (author)2016-12-21

can you add some detailed instructions. i don't know what to do.

lokaa.loky (author)2014-12-16


seamster (author)2014-09-24

Nice! My kids will love this. Thanks for sharing!

patatarium (author)2014-09-23

I like this!

Thanks! I worked hard to make the design just right!

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