Picture of Origami Swan
Here is a bird made of paper that will be your friend, whenever and where ever. It is very simple, and can come with you wherever you go, work, school, road trip, it doesn't matter! If you don't understand something, please refer to my Instructable, Origami Bases and Basics. (Note- I got this model from the book, The Joy of Origami, by Margret Van Sicklen.)
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Step 1: Fish Base

Picture of Fish Base
Start out with your paper as a diamond. Fold it in half and unfold. Fold the bottom left and right corners to the center. This is the fish base.

Step 2: Flip 'n Fold

Picture of Flip 'n Fold
Flip over and fold the left and right sides to the middle.

Step 3: Fold up and Down

Picture of Fold up and Down
Fold the bottom tip to the top tip, and then fold the tip of the top layer down to make the head. Just eyeball it and make it the right size for your paper that you are using.

Step 4: Fold and Extend

Picture of Fold and Extend
Fold backwards, Grab the head, and pull it up and out. If you want, you can open the bottom slightly, and stand it on your desk.