Picture of Origami Throwing Star
This is just an origami throwing star. It's not that hard to make, and the pictures are pretty good. Fun to play with and throw at siblings!

1 8.5 by 11" sheet of printing paper
a flat surface

Step 1: Prepping your paper

Picture of Prepping your paper
Get a sheet of paper, but dont squarize it. Fold it in half to get fig 1. Lick the edge on the fold to get fig 2.
Rip the page along the wet part(fig 3) to get fig 4.
I need help. Someone PLEASE tell me how to get figure 3 on step 3.
gtyrfdrty4 years ago
this is cool
sk8rforlife5 years ago
you could explane the steps ijn words its hord to follow in pictures
knuckel5 years ago
i totaly made tis
thefoodman6 years ago
I mean number 3
thefoodman6 years ago
I need help with number 2
RabidDog6.06 years ago
Try to be clearer next time.Don't use "figs". its kinda confusing.
is it just me or do these never fly well over long distances? someone needs to post an instructable on how to make one with a hole in the middle but still be paper. cutting a hole out of the middle takes too long and that is the only way to get them to fly straight.
uber man6 years ago
very nice inst, but could you be a little clearer next time?
bounty8236 years ago
This is really cool, i make them out of graph paper, they fly well, thanks for posting this instructable.
pagangod6 years ago
nice, I used to make these in school and get in trouble. lol
I made a ton of these for my christmas tree last year and then lost them all before I had a chance to decorate the tree. Knowing me I put them somewhere very obvious.
very nice i been making these for a while now there fun to throw around