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You may have this ugly not-so-portable box of tissues at home, like I do. No worries, you could buy a nice portable tissue box for about 5$, or you could make one like I did. Not only does it make tissues easier to carry, but it also saves paper.

I suppose the images will sum up everything, but I have added instructions as well.

Note: The word tissue that I use can be interchangeable with Kleenex/Napkins in some places. I prefer the word tissues.

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Step 1: Materials

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For this simple origami, you will need:

1. A nice(preferably sturdy) sheet of paper.
Using square paper would be favoured, but A4 sheets are fine as well. If you are using A4 paper, the next step is for you.

2. Tissues

Let us not digress.

Step 2: Converting an A4 Sheet Into a Square One

Picture of Converting an A4 Sheet Into a Square One

This step is only for those using A4 sheets.

Fold your paper diagonally, making a triangle.

Now, take the rectangular portion NOT covered by the triangle and tear it off or cut it off with scissors. The resulting sheet of paper must be square.

Step 3: The Basic Folds

Picture of The Basic Folds

Crease all your folds well.

First create two diagonal folds, making two triangles and revert the folds, making it a square again.

Then make a top to bottom fold. Unfold and fold the paper from left to right. When you unfold the paper, you will have as asterix.

Now, take the top edge and fold it towards the centre of the square. Do the same with the bottom edge. Move to the heart of the procedure with the final figure.

Step 4: Heart of the Origami

Picture of Heart of the Origami

Now you must pay close attention.
Take the top edge, and fold it towards the centre. Do the same with the bottom edge.

Now, unfold. If you like, you could make the creases deeper and flatten the paper.

Okay. Take third crease from the top and fold the top edge downwards into a triangle.

The triangle will have two creases, I have marked the approximate place from which you must take the next fold. Done?

Now make two folds upwards on the same shape. You will have a small triangle protruding out.
Do the same for the other side.
Phew! Now just the finishing up, the revelation if the origami.

Step 5: Finishing Up

Picture of Finishing Up

This step is not too hard. Take two creases from the approximate markings I made, and fold them backwards. Now to finish up on the project tuck one portion into the other, and you will have just one square left in the bottom.

Decorate the tissue box if you want to, and go to the next step to find out how you should store tissues in there.

Step 6: The Tissues

Picture of The Tissues

I advise you to cut the tissues to the desired size before inserting them into the tissue box.

To insert the tissues, open the flap, insert the tissues as per given in the pictures and close the flap.Under the last flap of each tissue, insert the first flap of the next one.

This maintains the flow of the tissues.

That would be about it. Thanks a lot for reading and please do vote if you liked my Instructable.


Pure Carbon (author)2014-03-26

wow this is a brilliant idea. Great work.

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