Picture of Origami Today From A Notecard
This is my first instructable hope you enjoy this simple fast and fun tutorial! Also leave a comment if you have any suggestions!
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Step 1: Start Folding

Picture of Start Folding
Turn the notecard around to the side with the lines

Step 2: Folding The Body

Picture of Folding The Body
13, 5:29 PM.jpg
13, 5:29 PM.jpg
Fold the outsides in

Step 3: Fold The Ears

Picture of Fold The Ears
13, 5:29 PM.jpg
Take the top inner corner and fold out

Step 4: Next Fold The Head

Picture of Next Fold The Head
Take the top of the head and hold down to about half the body

Step 5: Last Step(optional) Add Details

Picture of Last Step(optional) Add Details
Color in the puppet If you want
RandManTheClemsonFan (author) 11 months ago
Thanks for all the help and support guys! Any thing I should try an make next leave a suggestion!