Picture of Origami Water Bomb
Need a water balloon but got no balloon? Regular old paper and skills of a fold-ist will have you drenching your foes in no time, with stile to boot.
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Step 1: Parts Layout

Picture of Parts Layout
(1) a sheet of paper
(2) a second resource for showing how to do this origami: http://www.fishgoth.com/origami/basics5.html

Step 2: Square your rectangle

Picture of square your rectangle
tear (or cut) paper to make it a square. Fold the paper as shown in the picture and tear the flap. A clean tear can be made but folding along the tear line multiple times and licking along the crease (avoid paper cuts!) then tearing.

hopefully the pictures on this slide show what's going on.

Step 3: Fold and label square

Picture of fold and label square
Make creases from corner to corner and mid-point to mid-point across the square. A good crease forms when folding the same line forwards and backwards a few times.

Then, label the ends of each line as shown in the picture. (these labels can be "mental labels," for book keeping)

Step 4: Begin to fold...

Picture of begin to fold...
...but don't give up! (get it?)

fold points 1 and 2 onto 3 and A to A' and B to B'. Do it in one fluid motion and it will look like the picture.

Step 5: Fold up corners of base

Picture of fold up corners of base
now that you have this folded-alot-triangle (from last step), fold the two free edges on each side to the top corner. Turn over the base and do it to the other side, too.

Step 6: Final folds

Picture of final folds
fold in corners, etc. etc.

Step 7: Blow up, fill with water

Picture of blow up, fill with water
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machiaha3 months ago


and stupid

mk20013 years ago
did you get it from "easy origami" by john montroll
gertth4 years ago
nice but to easy
there is a you tube video on how to make these except you fill it with gas from a lighter and put the flame at the small hole. They call it a paper jet engine
when i did it, my friend is watching. I sill it w/gas, light it, and POP... "OUCH!" It shot forward, curved, and hit my friend in the corner of the eye
try filling them with lighter gas then hold a lighter up to the hole then BANG they fly across the table at break neck speed
oh yes that's so safe :P
origamifan5 years ago
how do you do it

stanstan0096 years ago
would the water drench the paper? making it kinda usless?
not if used immediately. and you could also try making it out of wax paper.
alkard6 years ago
i like it but add more details i can't seem to make it please fix it
I made out of wax paper exploded pretty good and water didn't affect tie shape or performance
DaNerd117 years ago
nice post, but.... there wasnt that much explanation to the pictures, but still, gj
layter7 years ago
Oh thats so easy i learned that in the therd grade!!!!
or mabey hes a teacher that teaches third grade. so he may have learned it at any time
there is another fold where you have two flaps on each side of the bomb you fold them down and put it into the flaps of the corners
xplode7 years ago
Filling it with gas is porbaly... stupid' (Great idea mine works great)
water + paper= soggy paper
this is copied from an origami book. it's called the balloon, but you could fill it with water. smart idea anyways.
kmaunder7 years ago
I am going to have my daughter color these and hang them on the tree, with string lights shining in and pin holes for more effect, wow. Great post.
123abc1237 years ago
.........ahh sick fold corners ect. ect!!!!!!.....
mine workers its so cool!!!!!!!! the blow bit is the coolest
no it sucks, almost all origami sites have this. Plus it's EASY postsome thing harder like im going to a origami scorpion. When you pull it's head it's legs take a step sideways.
lol the instructable shows you how to make them wrong anyway
http://www.origami-instructions.com/origami-water-balloon.html THIS is the good site (it has one too and a dimond and alot more)
that is true
ii lovee it! it is soo cool to make but i havent tried filling it with water yet...
brainiac8 years ago
mine doesnt hold water it just falls appart
Try making it out of foil, or laminated paper. Sometimes card paper works
I also know how to make a bunny-oragami-ballon-head-thing. I'll post it when I get the chance. I still haven't posted anything.
TheWiseOne7 years ago
Thats Pretty Cool
If you write a message or draw a picture on one side( the side that turns into the inside)you can make a secret message thing. All you have to do is look inside the hole.
Mike Cortes7 years ago
ive known this for gaes.
brainiac8 years ago
i have no clue how to do this
With a variation on half of the ballon, you can make a rabbit...Have to remember how and post!
flooferson8 years ago
you should add a video on how to make it
dude my friend used to make those all the time and he said he thought of it without anybody else or without books also you r supposed to blow in the hole and it inflates like a balloon not a water balloon!!! it will get all soggy and break!!!
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