Picture of Origami Winged Heart
Here is a lovely valentines craft that can have many applications, whether it's for your sweetheart or your mother. For this, I had no origami paper that had white on one side, so I cut out a square of white printer paper and colored pink on one side. If you need help, and you just might, please refer to my Instructable, Origami Bases and Basics. (Note-I got this model from the book, The Joy of Origami, by Margret Van Sicklen)
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Step 1: Fold and Unfold

Picture of Fold and Unfold
Start with a square piece of paper with the white side facing up. Now fold in half, left to right, and unfold to make a crease. Do the same thing, only top to bottom, crease, and unfold. You should now have a cross.

Step 2: Fold Some More

Picture of Fold Some More
Fold the top quarter to the back side. It should land on the horizontal crease. Fold the bottom left and right corners to the vertical crease.

Step 3: Fold Again

Picture of Fold Again
Fold the left and right side to the middle, crease, and unfold. Inside reverse fold on the new creases. (Origami Bases and Basics) Starting to look something like a heart? Don't be so sure...

Step 4: Squash Fold

Picture of Squash Fold
To open and squash the flaps, first stick your thumb under one of the white squares at the top, open it to the outside, and squash it into a triangle form. Do the same on both.

Step 5: Flip and Fold

Picture of Flip and Fold
Flip the whole thing over, fold the tip of the bottom to the tip of the top, and flip back over. Does it still resemble a heart?

Step 6: Am I still folding????

Picture of Am I still folding????
Open the bottom pink  squares like you did the top squares, only down. In the newly made white squares, fold them up. Now rotate it so that the white trapezoid on top is now on bottom. Fold the two pink tips on the top down.