Picture of Origami Winged Heart
Here is a lovely valentines craft that can have many applications, whether it's for your sweetheart or your mother. For this, I had no origami paper that had white on one side, so I cut out a square of white printer paper and colored pink on one side. If you need help, and you just might, please refer to my Instructable, Origami Bases and Basics. (Note-I got this model from the book, The Joy of Origami, by Margret Van Sicklen)

Step 1: Fold and Unfold

Picture of Fold and Unfold
Start with a square piece of paper with the white side facing up. Now fold in half, left to right, and unfold to make a crease. Do the same thing, only top to bottom, crease, and unfold. You should now have a cross.