We have all been subject to the epic Starwars Saga, and so I bring forth unto you the folded paper design of the X-wing. This is for more intermediate members of the origami community, as I would think an amateur would not understand the process(es).

Step 1: The Frog Base

Probably the most annoying base out there, if not complicated. The Frog Base fits into the X-wing's formula perfectly. If you have no idea what language I am speaking, please follow along.

Make the preliminary base. If you don't know what this is, chances are you are a n00b. I'll still do a walkthrough, though. Fold your paper across horizontally and vertically, then flip it over and make creases for the diagonals. Flip this back over and fold it squarely in half, and fold one of the top corners to the center. Repeat this function in the back. Take the longest corners and squish them against each other, flattening themselves and making a diamond.

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