This kind of book mark does not fall off than other kinds. It holds on to ur page. For example on the pictures.

This part use origami paper.

Step 1: Fold to Triangle

Always start at the back. OK then fold it to a triangle

Step 2: Fold

follow the pics below

Step 3: Fold and Unfold

the middle part fold it in half down

Step 4: Final Step

On the left and right part that look like a triangle put them up to be like a square.
Follow the pics.
<p>it's a good bookmark.</p><p>I love It.</p>
<p>I loved it! Gave one to my friend for her bday! Great succes! You can also decorate it to make it look like and animal!</p>
Very nice, very simple, and many potential designs using different paper prints. I like it a lot. :) This is my prototype run with plain printer paper.
<p>Thanks! It actually stays on lol!</p>
<p>Really cool! :)</p>
<p>I made it! Thabks</p>
<p>Nice man</p>
<p>make a video to help pkz</p>
<p>make a video to help pkz</p>
<p>make a video to help pkz</p>
<p>make a video to help pkz</p>
<p>make a video to help pkz</p>
<p>make a video to help pkz</p>
Easy to follow Instructable, bookmark works very well.
<p>Thank you very much! </p>
<p>This is great!!!</p><p>I made it and personalized it!</p>
Traditional bookmark.
thanks ^_^
easier than i thought<br>
<p>I tried six different origami bookmark instructions (from a bunch of different sites) and yours was by far the best. Well done. Thanks.</p>
I made several, thanks to you! Good instructions, btw. Why do some people have to be so rude?
Brilliant so easy sooo clever
LOVE it. Thanks so much, works really well for my 8 yr old who is ALWAYS losing his page.
i cant see where to fold on that third picture,
you fold so it is like a dimond
i know i cant see it either
Very simple+easy
i love how simple it is.......... great!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is really great! I made this for my grandma (with an added light, of course) for her birthday! She really liked it! Although, you might want to add a bit more detail, and the pics not so blurry. Other than that, great instructable!!!
Great instructable and great idea! I am not trying to be rude but I think that in the title it would be better if it did not say &quot;Better than others&quot; Although I do think this is great and is better than others It would draw more people in to your instructable without it! 5 stars!
This is very easy to accomplish, all it takes is a little common sense. The &quot;legs&quot;, or the left and right points on the triangle, fold up at a (I wanna say) 90 degree angle, so as to make the triangle a diamond. Then, the tips of the &quot;legs&quot; fold into the body of it the now diamond.
i made one!<br /> www.melippg08.blogspot.com<br /> check out my blog to see it :)
&nbsp;that was easy :D thanks so much!!
Neat little bookmark; simple and quick to make...for someone with paper folding/origami experience. <br /> <br /> The instructable itself could do with a little more explanation to make it clearer. Diagrams to supplement the photos could be helpful.<br />
I think you just fold down the tops of the triangles in to the pocket
It is great!! Simple, easy to do and absolutely usefull!! Thanks!! nurks
Wonderful! I use a regular piece of paper turned into a square. It's oversized, but I can write notes on it too. The lines even run in the right direction.
this is the easiest
this is hard
Whoa you got that paper from Barnes and Nobles!
Oh yeah btw I dont use bookmarks I just memorize the page number and shut the book. And if I dont remember, I just find where I remember reading last. This way which I do more helps with comprehension and memory.
yes but some people are what we call "Dumb" like me and will forget seconds after closing the book and freak out
Oh... for some reason I though you sayd Dave & Busters lol!
maybe my uncle gave me a origami book and gift set with 50 origami paper
me too i have the same set
Was the box orange?
this bookmark is great! at first i worried it might fall off, but i tested it a couple times by knocking it off my table, and it stayed put. I also like the fact that it can fit any size book as long as its pages have right angle corners, unlike some other bookmarks which use, let's say, a ribbon, that can sometimes be too long or too short.
hey next time can you please show more detail!!!
Simply Simple, but very handy.

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