This bracelet is made from 15 origami cubes. Although it takes some time, I think it's worth it. 

Step 1: What Do You Need?

To make this bracelet you will need
- paper (mine were about 2,4 cm and gave cubes of 1x1x1)
- yarn
- closure
- jump ring
- needle
- time
Very creative
<p>Thanks! </p>
<p>The bracelet looks awesome..well done..:)</p>
This is awesome! Your really good at origami
thank you!
It's cute and all, but how does this use a laser printer (ish thing)? And if it doesn't, why did you enter it in that contest then?
The contest received email contains this part of text: <em>'documenting something amazing you've made. We're especially looking for creative projects that show us you'd do amazing things with a laser cutter!' </em><br> <br> Since it sais&nbsp;<strong>especially&nbsp;</strong>and not only, this instructable meets the requirements<br> <br> I hope that's an answer to your question :)<br> <br> Emily van Leemput
wwoww, you're really good with origamies! love it :)
thank you!
That is really cool I don't think I could ever make that!!!
Very cute! I love how you decorated the paper yourself :)
thank you :)
This is amazing - a really creative use of origami :D The little cubes are so cute!
Thank you :)

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Bio: Industrial Design student at Eindhoven University of Technology
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