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Introduction: Origami Collection

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This is my origami collection. I already made instructables on how to make some of them:

Flower origami ball
Origami Christmas decoration
Color origami ball
Easy paper flower

Tell me what you thing :)



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Questions & Answers


a tutorial on the dinosaur would be amazing. :D

Love the origami! Can you please show how to make the dinosaur.

I'll try to make an instructable about it as soon as possible.

the flowerball is not origami, it has glue

You don't have to use glue for it to work, she just has you using glue to reinforce it so it lasts longer...i mean, it does take a lot of work, it sucks when it falls apart

like your post! :) pls link me how to do the dog :) THANKS :D

can you make a video how to make the dog?!!!! please!!!!

so.... thats a nice collection you have.... please tell us how to make one of it.... share with us