Picture of Origami diaper fold
Origami and cloth diapering go hand in hand.  The Origami Fold is one of my favorites for flat diapers.

Step 2:

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Spread your diaper on your surface/changing table.  
My diaper is much smaller than standard size.

Step 3:

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Gather together the bottom corners and lift.

Step 4:

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This will create a triangle with an extra flap.

Step 5:

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Lay the flap to one side.

Step 6:

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Fold 1/3 or 1/4 of the flap toward center (depending on the size of your diaper).

Step 7:

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Fold in again

Step 8:

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Optionally, you can fold the corners of the triangle up for a trimmer fit around the legs.

Step 9:

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Place the baby on the folded diaper.

Step 10:

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Bring the triangle's corners to the front. Here you can tie, pin, snappy or secure with an elastic belt.

Step 11:

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I like to tie. I usually knot it and the front can be pulled from under the knot if you're practicing Elimination Communication and baby needs to use the toilet.

Step 12:

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If you desire waterproofing, a cover would go on at this point.
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sachfo (author) 3 years ago
It's much faster than it looks. With practice it only takes about 4 seconds to get from step 1 to step 8 and it can be done one handed until the fastening.
Awesome. Sounds like you need a video to demo how fast it is!