Ever since I learned about Origami in 4th grade, I have always loved to fold.  The part I like most is showing others how to fold.  When I see the joy on their face after they fold their first figure, that is payment enough.  So I decided to make an Inastructable, seeing there was not an origami one for beginners.  I hope this is clear enough and understandable so that you may learn fairly quickly.

All you will need is some square paper, your hands, and some determination.

If there are any spots that aren't clear, please comment so that I may make it more understandable.

The pictures below will be some of the things you will learn how to fold.

Step 1: How to Make Square Paper

Most craft stores sell 100-300 packs of origami paper in different patterns or colors, but you can always make your own out of any sheet of paper you come across.

First, take your sheet of paper, and fold the top edge to either the left edge or the right edge.  Then, you fold the bottom edge over the edge you folded down.  You can then cut along that crease, or crease firmly and tear it off if scissors are unavailable.
<p>check out my crane </p>
If this isn't confusing, nothing is!!! How 'bout numbering which corner, etc. you're referring to? As in A-B_C or something....or 1-2-3....
i am totally lost on origami
I'm going to go ahead and apologise about how poorly written this Instructable is. I'll probably overhaul it sometime this weekend. <br>But for now, what are you confused about?
OK I'm confused. You say in the previous step 'Waterbomb Base: Fold in half from corner to corner'. Is that to make a triangle or a bookcase fold? and do I fold from the top to the bottom or left to right?<br>I hope once I can work that out, then I can finish the waterbomb.
I'm sorry about that. I should have made it clearer. I fixed it so that it's (hopefully) easier to understand.
for the crane, are you teaching us how to do the bird base or are those the instructions for the actual crane? If you are not showing how to make the bird base, can you please add that to your instructible because it is very confusing to go find the birdd base and then find the crane again. Overall, good instructible!
Those are instructions for the actual crane. I show the crane from the first crease, although it does use the bird base. You don't need to find the bird base because that step shows you how to make the bird base, and then how to make a crane from it.
Ignore my other comment. I show how to make a bird base in the Base Folds step, and you fold the crane from that.
Where is the Base Folds Step?
step 3. It shows you how to fold pretty much all the origami bases.
Ok, Thanks. Sorry I didn't notice that.
It's okay!
&nbsp;Great 'ible!
Thank you!!

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