Origami: make a balloon out of paper.

Picture of Origami: make a balloon out of paper.
This instructable will teach you how to make a balloon out of paper that you actually have to blow up!

1. start with a square piece of paper.
2. fold even diagonal lines.
3. fold edges in to make a pyramid.
4. fold edges up to make a diamond.
5. fold outer corners directly straight in.
6. pull down the loose corners, fold in half, and tuck into the nearby pocket.
7. Your balloon is now ready to blow.
8. open up the wings, so it looks like an X-wing fighter from Star Wars.
9. Turn the balloon around until you find the hole. 
10.  Put your mouth to the hole, blow hard, and keep the wings out with your fingers.  
11. PRESTO!!  A paper balloon.  
Fill it with water and its a water bomb

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