Picture of Origami man
This little man is a cool thing for people who like origami or just need some money. This doesn't take very long and has a very nice finish in the end. This is also good for cards or just something to do on a rainy day.

P.S. sorry about the one picture I will put more in other Instructables to come. Enjoy:)
Also this is my first Instructable so bare with me.
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Step 1: Face fold

Picture of face fold
Fold one side over the face this will be by width not length. Then turn over then fold and unfold.

Step 2: Arm fold.

Picture of arm fold.
Fold the sides in to make a rectangle. Then fold the bottom part outward to make a triangle in the bottom or the sleeves.

Step 3: Coller fold

Picture of coller fold
OK now were at the collar. To get the collar you must take the top part and make a mountain fold but not to far of a fold. Then take the top sides and fold forward to meet in the front this should like a collar. Finally take the bottom and fold up and under the collar for the shirt.

Step 4: The man

Picture of The man
After the shirt its time to make the pants. To make the pants fold in half lengthwise and unfold. Then fold bottom and top to the middle the fold in half lengthwise again. Finally fold an angle and tuck the pants into the opening of the shirt.

Step 5: Extra

Picture of extra
If you did not get the steps I will make another one. I will also have more pictures for the other Instructables that I will make.
this is neat but hard it needs to be more specific and needs more pictures. but great for ur first instructable! :)
naruto45676 years ago
can u be a little more specific please??????!!!!!!??????!!!!!!
yeh really
RalPop6 years ago
I used to make these a the time for my friends, but i for got how . so thank for the reminder.
AznPanda6 years ago
MoRe Pictures?
josefu07 years ago
It does not look like a man. It's more of a dollar cloths
postulio (author)  josefu07 years ago
your right but I decided to call it an origami man
ac1D7 years ago
post more picture as you said please, i cant acheive it.
postulio (author)  ac1D7 years ago
Yes i will post more pictures soon enough
ac1D postulio7 years ago
a video would be even better if you can :)
postulio (author)  ac1D7 years ago
ok thanks