This little man is a cool thing for people who like origami or just need some money. This doesn't take very long and has a very nice finish in the end. This is also good for cards or just something to do on a rainy day.

P.S. sorry about the one picture I will put more in other Instructables to come. Enjoy:)
Also this is my first Instructable so bare with me.

Step 1: face fold

Fold one side over the face this will be by width not length. Then turn over then fold and unfold.
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this is neat but hard it needs to be more specific and needs more pictures. but great for ur first instructable! :)
can u be a little more specific please??????!!!!!!??????!!!!!!
yeh really
I used to make these a the time for my friends, but i for got how . so thank for the reminder.
MoRe Pictures?
It does not look like a man. It's more of a dollar cloths
your right but I decided to call it an origami man
post more picture as you said please, i cant acheive it.
Yes i will post more pictures soon enough
a video would be even better if you can :)
ok thanks

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