Picture of Origami rose

OK GUYS, I've heard the cries of disappointment. I suggest that whenever you get stuck in this Instructable, check out the link to the video I posted on the very last step. The video goes very fast, so use this Instructable as a broken-down guide to what is going on in the video. This would probably help a lot for those of you who said the pictures weren't very clear. Hope this helps!

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Step 1: Start with an 8*8 grid

Picture of Start with an 8*8 grid
Fold the paper into an 8*8 grid. I believe that most of you already know how to do this. Add two diagonal folds.

Step 2: Corners and more creases

Picture of Corners and more creases
Fold up the corners according to the picture. When you're done, it should look something like in the photo.

Now, take one corner, and bring it along the diagonal to the opposing corner. Make crease. Open up.

Repeat for the other three sides. New creases are shown below.

Step 3: Triangles and MORE creases

Picture of Triangles and MORE creases
*Hmm, it seems like in every instructable that I've made, they all have triangles in them o.o*

Fold small triangles as shown in the pictures (I can't explain this very well)

Do this for all four corners.

After this, turn the paper over.

Bring corner up until the edge meets the line. Make crease until it is almost at the center of the corner (as shown)

Step 4: Last crease: square in the center

Picture of Last crease: square in the center
Now make a square in the center. To do this, fold the origami in half. Fold it in half again. Fold the tip up until it lines with the triangle shaped crease above it. Open up, and you'll find a square in the middle.
Thanks anyways it was cool
Grrrr! Confusing. The steps and pictures not going together flip my brain out. There's random pics then instructions way later. Im stuck all the way at the pics on step 4 :'c im usually good at origami.
voltwala5 months ago
thanks for giving us the video link....
scameron106 months ago

iv watched videos that are too quick to follow. And I can't make sense of the photos, there too close. I'm sooo close to finishing but I can't work out which triangles and which "trapezoid things" to fold... Help me :(

gtichenor7 months ago
Grrr I'm stuck on step 6
EveE27 months ago

grr! really confused about the twist thing then guess what??? my paper broke :( back to easy origami for me I think...

thanx to instructable ....
J-Five2 years ago

I misread the title, I thought it said "Origami Nose"
Called the Kawasaki Twist I think. It's pretty cool!
You are correct, this is a simplified instruction for the kawasaki rose, second version I believe. Looking through these instructables on origami I find myself disappointed that many of these folders do not feel the need to acknowledge the original designer of the work they are showing, especially when entering contests........
Nykh2 years ago
*says* I've had enough (in an agitated voice)
finds sister at room door
*glares at sister*
sister screams and runs away

looks back at screen then at paper.
Finds out I did it right.. 0_o
coolo523 years ago
i only made this by the power of listening to dubstep/techno while folding
coolo523 years ago
i made this :) fun to make, 5 stars

my tip:when collapsing the triangles, slightly crimp the collapsed triangle so it doesn't unfold
chuynh13 years ago
i got so pissed that i ripped my paper and quit :L
askinkle3 years ago
This is a wonderful instructable, though I did first learn how to make this version through the slowed down video. It's nice to have text and pictures that you don't have to keep pausing :)
g dude3 years ago
i used the vid and i ended up wit a crumbled peice of paper
=34 years ago
This was the first origami rose that I have ever been able to complete. xD
ninjacow258 (author)  =33 years ago
kendra3693 years ago
Well I am lost here. You can't just tell us to follow the pictures, because the pictures are too close and do no justice. I'm gone. Please do wider pictures with much better written instructions; where to fold, not just "fold small triangles".
ninjacow258 (author)  kendra3693 years ago
Sorry. There's a link to a video tutorial in the last step, and the video should clear up most questions. :)
DIS.AR.RAY3 years ago
Yeah this picture doesn't really show where you're folding. You could probably take the photo from a wider angle and it be better.
ninjacow258 (author) 4 years ago
Even though I did this instructable a LOOONNG time ago, but I received several comments where people got stuck at one point, so I will post a video soon showing the steps up close (the video I included originally was deleted by its uploader....)
Knar4 years ago
i dont get it from lost help
craftyv5 years ago
use the same terms every time you use a step thats the "turn over" (means pick it all up and completely turn over and start working on the other side of the paper) rather than turn around [as used in step 6]which could mean something else
vbm_885 years ago
you lost me!
Guna77775 years ago
 Hiya.. Have to agree with Migliore.. Spent some time this afternoon with these particular instructions melting my head.. The instructions and the photographs don't seem to correspond, perhaps wider images would sort this out.. Another suggestion might be to number each square on the 8x8 grid just for the photos, as sometimes when u spoke about triangles and squares I couldn't see them or figure out which ones or where you were talking about... Found this video link which is fairly easy to follow, you might find useful inspiration. All the best. O
MauixPinoi5 years ago
i dont understand *_*
migliore5 years ago
you lost me here (step 7)  I fold a lot but the directions for this step didn't make sense to me. more pictures, a wide shot maybe would help
ninjacow258 (author)  migliore5 years ago
I posted a video...the person who made the video did that stepdifferently than what I did, and I personally thought her way needed abit more practice to get just right, but it will probably help xD
randomguy965 years ago
These instructions are the first I am able the fully understand. All the other ones did not have enough pictures, or the instructions weren't descriptive enough. I had a little trouble understanding step 7, though. Good work.
ninjacow258 (author)  randomguy965 years ago
thank you :)
That means a lot to me...since I usually suck at explaining
is there a Vid 4 this step?? i really like this rose bettter than the Rose Bouque Tut. if there is a vid i want a vid 4 this particular rose.
ninjacow258 (author)  ChocolateFox205 years ago
I'll try to make one as soon as I have the time for it :]
ok i got this part too!
geez! this is ther hardest part! but ill get it
ninjacow258 (author)  ChocolateFox205 years ago
If it helps, I think there's a vid on Youtube that teaches this part :)