Step 6: Trapezoids?

Picture of Trapezoids?
Ok, this step isn't hard, though if you learn it through pictures it may be a bit confusing. I'll try my best.

First, turn the origami around so you can't see the square in the center.

Then, if you pull back one of the flaps, you'll see a crease going from a corner down. You will have to pop up this crease. The images may be sort of helpful for this.

Simply put a finger beneath the paper, right under the crease, and push upwards.

Reinforce the marked creases so the figure looks more 3D.

Do this to all four corners.
chuynh14 years ago
i got so pissed that i ripped my paper and quit :L
craftyv5 years ago
use the same terms every time you use a step thats the same.eg. "turn over" (means pick it all up and completely turn over and start working on the other side of the paper) rather than turn around [as used in step 6]which could mean something else
geez! this is ther hardest part! but ill get it
ninjacow258 (author)  ChocolateFox206 years ago
If it helps, I think there's a vid on Youtube that teaches this part :)