Picture of Origami stars
Some origami star ornaments I made from old damaged books. They are threaded with fishing wire, which serves to hang them and to hold the bead in the middle.

These are super pretty! How did you add the fishing wire?

I just used a regular sewing needle to poke the holes and thread it through.
Stugots3051 year ago
But isn't this website called "Instructables"? The point of posting here is so others can re-create what you have done. If you just want to post pictures of your finished product, then I'm sure there are other sites you can choose from.
OceanLady (author)  Stugots3051 year ago
I've seen lots of other people on here do the same thing. Gotten lots of ideas from them, too. Sorry if I offended you in some way, but I don't see anything saying I can't post finished work.
Stugots3051 year ago
OceanLady (author)  Stugots3051 year ago
I'll see if I have any more books and beads lying around. I think I've used them all, and I didn't think to take progress photos. If you search "origami 16 point star", the instructions for the star itself should be easy enough to find.