Picture of Origami transforming star and frisbee
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This is a very cool star and frisbee that transforms. (This is not my work but I just want to make everybody know about it. The first pic is the star and second frisbee.
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Step 1: Folding

Picture of Folding
Either buy origami paper, you can get it at Michaels, or cut eight pieces of square paper, any size. I didn't have any more origami paper, so I unfolded my star, so the folds are already made. Use the video if I didn't explain good enough for you.


1. Fold the top edge of the square paper down towards you. The open ends should be facing you.

Step 2: Folding

Picture of Folding
Take the top right corner of the horizontally folded square and fold it down to the open edges.

Step 3: Folding

Unfold step 2. No picture is needed.

Step 4: Folding

Picture of Folding
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Hold the paper as shown in the first picture. At the top right corner, start pushing down. You should end up with the second picture. Finish pushing and then crease. It should have two open flaps.

Step 5: Folding

Picture of Folding
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Unfold to a square again. Take the top left and bottom left edges and fold them into the center crease, as if you were making a paper airplane (see picture 2). Lastly, follow the picture notes.

Step 6: Making more

Picture of Making more
Make seven more of the polygons (step 1-5.) You should end up with eight. Almost finished! Yay!

Step 7: Making the frisbee/star

Follow the pictures and picture notes. After you have connected the first two, keep joining them in the same way. The last piece is the hardest to get in, but still is easy.

Step 8: Transforming!

Picture of Transforming!
To transform, hold two opposite sides and pull gently. (see video).
When in frisbee form, you can throw it, but don't throw it very fast. Also be gentle with it.
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to all you people who keep complaining that they fall apart, these are more designed for entertainment rather than practicality in being a weapon.
shampa3 years ago
really good. Like it
lcordovez3 years ago
awesome =D
This thing comes right apart, there are no means of holding it together!!! What the hell?!?!
I found that as well... •_•
yes actually, there are means to hold it together. you fold the tips in a little bit.
NOODLE!4 years ago
i didnt have any origami paper, so i used sketch paper and got fairly good results.
vianka996 years ago
what's correct? seven or eight?
rgade4 years ago
awesome !!!!
beanman9114 years ago
BEAST MODE!!!!!(-=
jeffreyshi4 years ago
i remember learning these and making a ton of these when i was only 6... good times....
hooking the pieces is kinda confusing when theres only pictures...
Loverhood4 years ago
This is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
lil larry4 years ago
!!!READ THIS!!!!

don't even bother. its better to make the Origami Chinese Star or the Origami ninja star. this is just a waste of paper. in fact its confusing why did you put this on if its too hard and it flies excactly like a regular origami star.

this is awesome dont read the one above

o and to the maker here da da da da you got 5 stars! set it to c then throw it
i don t get step 4

how do u get the things in the next step??

I dont know which way,
does it matter?
najeff6 years ago
cool!! i love making this! This is the first time i made a very hard origami!!
123321aly6 years ago
wow! so stupid
i love it 5*
soccerchris6 years ago
how do i make it transform?
crazylos6 years ago
it is so hard i didnt make it
gameboy7oa7 years ago
i sell thease at school for a dollor each

total money amde by the end of the year.... drun roll please ------------$100 hahahah suckers i got ur parents money now
$100 a year, thats a bit, umm sucky for all that work!
awsome7 years ago
No offence, but this is the same as the post-it one.
carl131117 years ago
the best piece of origami i ever MADE
ninja star7 years ago
lieuwe8 years ago
actualy it isn't an 'origami' frisbee/star becouze it is made out of 8 pieces of paper stil looks cool
Trebawa lieuwe8 years ago
it could still be considered origami because it consists of folding and no cutting. It is just what is known as "modular" origami.
quite true trebawa!
damasta7 years ago
this one is also on instructables as "post it shurigan"(probably misspelled it) and as transforming paper star
Reapancry7 years ago
Ok u know theres an easier way to make this, like using square post-it
kokosmack7 years ago
i remember makin these in 4rth grade
thats boring :(
LCSoccer58 years ago
Cool! I made one just now and I love it! Thanks for the instructible!
egadsman8 years ago
these are so cool and they are really simple to make after you get used to it. thanks for the instructable
it is impossible to make
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