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Origamy is a useful craft of making so many artistic useful things out of paper folding.

I am hereby writing a new way to shade a wall lamp.


Step 1: Needed

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The things needed are just a newspaper and a piece of cellophane tape.


Step 2:

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Fold the newspaper into a long pleated sheet and fold it into a triangle with two sides overlapping each other.

In other words, you need to first make a square of the long pleated sheet and then overlap into a triangle.


Step 3:

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Staple the overlapping ends and usind pieces of cellophane tape stick the triangle to the wall just below the lamp.

The idea is to prevent heat of the lamp from burning the paper.

This allows a split light beam on the wall and shaded light to the room.


Step 4:

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views of split light design on wall

Step 5:

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To make it a night lamp, you can place a piece of paper to close the top of the shade to block the downward light.


Step 6: Designs on Wall

Try it! Its a nice way to create elegant designs of light on the wall.



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Bio: I am a creative research assistant with lots of interest in this wonderful world. I work in the indian institute of science
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