Origin of the Species - Wall Hanging -194x42in.





Introduction: Origin of the Species - Wall Hanging -194x42in.

This is another Gutenberg book wall hanging of mine. It is the complete text of the origin of the species. I have overlayed the origin of the species text over my version of the iconic "ascent of man" image. This is to be printed 194 x 42 inches. (very large piece of paper or canvas)

the pdf and the ai files can be printed from. the ai is editable.

The instructions of how I did this are listed in related project: flatlands.



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    this looks really great. it is an awesome print that would look great in a modern setting, or just in some bedroom. and to all the people getting upset about the validity of the picture used, its just a representation of evolution. thats it. its not supposed to explain anything.

    Nice, but I have to agree with Richard Dawkins about this old school image of the ape becoming man; it's a little human-centric, as if evolution has all been leading up to this final product of man, and that man is the end of the road.

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    so make one of slime mold becoming a pigeon of course someone will complain about it being too pigeon-centric, as if all evolution has been leading up to this final product of pigeon, and that pigeon is the end of the road. seriously, this is a 5 step scope, you can't possibly describe the ENTIRETY of evolution in 5 steps, so to prove a point, and to do it by hitting close to home the designer stuck with Man, because Man can understand Man. but if we did the same with Dog, Dog might understand it, and try to sniff the butt of each neanderthal dog at each step, but Man wouldn't understand it as easily, especially Kansas, of course they haven't evolved from Apes, most of them still are Apes.

    I find the whole "Intelligent Design" crap to be irritating, but I also am disheartened by people on the Darwin side of the fence who don't seem to be more than vaguely knowledgeable about evolution. A slime mold becoming a pigeon? WTF does that have to do with evolution? They are both creatures that exist today; the slime mold didn't evolve into the pigeon. They both evolved from some common ancestor. This whole "man from ape" picture is total crap, too; again, they are both creatures that exist today, and both evolved from a common ancestor, not one from the other. Some even speculate that the common ancestor stood on two legs, so this picture of an ape standing up and becoming man is kind of old school.

    please read corran_ron's comment explaining how just because two creatures exist now it doesn't mean one can't have evelved from the other.

    my coment wasn't aimed at you, it was for snapster but I suppose it replied to the whole chain rather than the individual. To be honest i'm on your side with the points redarding this poster being 'human-centric' people are reading way to much into this, i think it was commisioned for time, and therefore was not designed to be an accurate chart of evolution, just to be artistic and catch peoples eyes.

    cool poster, i wish people would just appreciate this for what it is: art this is even published in the 'art' category not 'science'

    Any ideas on where one could get this printed on quality paper or canvas without breaking the bank?

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    Tall order. You'll have to know someone. Find an architect or an architecture student. At some unis they pay a flat fee per semester. You might have to bring in the paper. I suggest buying a nice semi-gloss roll and giving them what is left of it as payment. If this sounds expensive, good luck with a print shop. It is possible to hit $50/sf.

    I think the visual representation and choice of text created a really stunning poster-well done. I normally enjoy the comments on most instructables, but the incessant theological banter is a bit much. If he would have done another iconic image with appropriate/ironic wit, it would still be a brilliant job! Ease up people!

    How do any of you surmise to know more about Evolution than the next. "Walk the walk" don't just "talk the talk". The whole point is that Evolution is just that- a THEORY nobody can accurately say for sure HOW man evolved as the search for that holy grail "the missing link" still goes on. If evolution is a series of steps tgat lead to ever more complex species then the slime mould would not still be here or procaryotes for that matter. Snapster why are you so incensed by funckychunky's comments? Are you some professor of palaeontology. I thought you were going to point out that as a mould is a very simple member of the procaryotes it could not have been a common ancestor to a pidgeon. Answer me this WAS the slime mould around 100 million years ago? 200?When DID it FIRST evolve. The sentiment behind CFM's comments is sound science and at least he is injecting humour into it. Your use of foul language (be it abbreviated or no) does not make your comments any more valid, infact they take away from the argument. People are SERIOUSLY falling out over this religion versus science takes you back to the dark ages don't you think?

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    You are wondering when the first primordial prokariotic ooze started to evolve? It started to evolve as soon as there was selective pressure, for instance, it began to evolve as food sources became scarcer, it started to evolve when the environment changed. It started to evolve under the exact same circumstances that all other organisms evolve under. Secondly, as to why we have slime mold if slime mold was the first to evolve, evolution acts not on species but on individuals. Eventually, as individual members of a species differ from one another over time because of hereditary differences caused by selective pressures, members of the same species are no longer able to breed with each other, or no longer care to interbreed with each other. This differentiation would allow one subset of the original slime mold to evolve into eukariotes while the other subset remained prokariotic. I hope this helps explain some things.

    I believe the "ascent of man" image was commissioned for time magazine or something like that in the 1970's.

    I propose dropping the Evolution debate which, clearly, neither of you know much about and just enjoy the poster as a poster. maybe we can evolve into people who dont need to out do other people.

    i dint understood how you did the graphic part? because in flatland project is was a geometric shape but this are complex shapes.

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