Introduction: Original Pattern Emboss

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This is a emboss.

It's made from 3D Printer.

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Step 1: Make Out Dates

To make out dates of body for Rhinoceros 5.

Patterns is made for Illustrator.

Step 2: Output

Picture of Output

Output emboss bodies with UP mini 3D Printer.

Step 3: Remove and Put Together

Picture of Remove and Put Together

Remove emboss body from a board to use exclusive tool.

And, put together tow parts.

With this, emboss body is completion.

Step 4: Cut

Picture of Cut

Pattern date cut using laser cutter.

Step 5: Set Pattern

Picture of Set Pattern

Set patterns to emboss body to use tapes.

Step 6: Finished Goods

Picture of Finished Goods

After setting patterns, original pattern emboss is completion.


Printy (author)2016-11-23

That is very cool! I love it. I would like to make one of these.

sa0ri (author)Printy2016-11-24

Thank you for comments!

Swansong (author)2016-11-23

よくできました :)

sa0ri (author)Swansong2016-11-24

Thank you for comment!

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