Step 3: Prepare the hard drive for cloning

Next we must prepare the new hard drive for cloning. Following the instructions that came with your hard drive, set the unit to slave / secondary mode using the included plastic jumper.

For my unit this meant placing the jumper on the set of pins second from the right (see photo).

<p>Just tried this with a Maxtor 5A320J0 and it says it cant be locked, any idea on how to lock it or a hard drive that will lock for sure to buy?</p>
<p>My xbox freezes as soon as I remove the IDE cable from the back of the DVD drive and insert it into the back of the new HDD. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I'm following the instructions as written.</p>
<p>Just to offer my 2 cents. You may want to check that you have your master/slave setup correctly for your hard drives. I just installed a larger HDD in my xbox using a Sata-to-Ide adapter, and as it turns out the adapter had a Master/Slave jumper that I hadn't noticed. I'm not sure that its the same issue you are having though, as mine would freeze upon launching Chimp, not immediately.</p>
Thanks! I'll give it a look. I know I had researched both drives to make sure I had the jumper placements correct, but that doesn't mean that I still didn't place them in the wrong spot...
<p>Thanks for this tutorial, it helped me a lot.</p>
<p>Great tutorial, I was able to clone my stock 8GB Xbox harddrive to an old 120GB Western Digital IDE drive I pulled out of an old computer. However, for some reason it still shows all partitions as being exactly the same as the old drive - in other words, the E: drive is still showing as 4,881.63MB, the F: drive is 2,134.52, etc. How do I make it recognize the new extra free space?</p>
<p>Never mind, figured it out - had to use chimp to reformat/claim the new free space.</p>
How did you go about doing that? I'm having the same issue.
<p>I used Chimp (already installed on my Xbox) to reformat the F: drive, which is where the space ends up. There is no way to 'add' it to the existing E: drive that I was able to find. Thus, I had to move the stuff on my E: drive over to my F: drive. In the end I just ended up putting a larger version of Coinops onto the F: drive than I had on the E: drive.</p>
So after you format the F drive with chimp, you use ftp to transfer everything from E to F?
<p>Well you shouldn't have to FTP anything from one drive to another; they're both partitions on the same Xbox, so you can just copy from one drive to another. What I did was FTP a completely new software package (CoinOPS Massive) from my desktop computer to the F: drive. The E: drive contained CoinOPS LITE, and I just left that where it was although I doubt I'll ever use it again now.</p>
<p>YMMV, but I was never able to get it to work swapping that late in the process. I am using XBMC as my dash, and I was able to swap the IDE cable after starting the Xbox, but before launching Chimp, and that's what worked for me.</p>
<p>Success! Thanks for the tutorial.</p>
<p>xbox support more than 500 hd 1tb , and if you are using mod chip you can upgrate more than 1 tb hd</p>
<p>can i do this with windows 7?</p>
Hi. Can this be done using a laptop hard drive? I have an old G4 iBook lying around with a 60gb drive that I could use! Thanks
Tias (try it and see)? Don't see why it wouldn't work
YES it can
<p>can <br>this be done with a regular stock bought Xbox and not a soft modded one. </p><p>I'm basically new to all <br>this process and I'm just trying to install a new hard drive in an old Xbox <br>that originally had a 10 gig drive in it </p><p>is <br>this possible to do, and how </p><p>what would be the easiest way for a newbie like me to get this done</p>
No it needs to be soft modded to allow you to run cloning software. Softmod is rather easy though
<p>I say use a 3tb drive and find a way to upgrade the disk drive to BD-Rom. :-) (while still retaining the ability to read Xbox disks)</p>
You can chip it to support sata
<p>The guide doesn't mention the most important part: Replace the old 40-wire cable with an 80-wire one. This reduces crosstalk and allows significantly faster transfers between the hard drive and the system. This would be especially important if you're using a modern drive like the one seen here. If you have some recent motherboards, chances are you have a couple of these smoother 80-wire IDE cables lying around.</p><p>Even if you stick with the original hard drive, this (along with desoldering the supercap) is the #1 mod you can do to your xbox, and it's also the easiest.</p>
<p>dont forget to set your old harddrive back to master afterwards, or you may get an error.</p>
<p>I love mods like this</p>
<p>can you get one bigger than 500GB?</p>
<p>Hi there! I`v sucseeded with the cloaning for the originlal xbox from 80gb to 120gb,but the funy thing is i have the same amout of free space as on the 80gb.</p><p>Any ideas,suggestions for this kind of issue?</p><p>Thanks!</p>
Does its support 500gb??
the fact he completed the instructable and says its working with his partition layout. your answer is yes.
Can it be done without partitioning?
There are a couple things that need to be pointed out that are not in this tutorial and others I have seen. After a softmod is performed, there is not automatically an Apps folder created, in fact, one would be led to believe that a directory named APPLICATIONS, would be there given the evox dashboard listing, along with an EMULATORS, GAMES, et al. <br><br>You must install the chimp folder via ftp into a directory named &quot;Apps&quot;. and the linux config file inside the chimp folder into the root of the E directory. Otherwise you will get errors when booting chimp and trying to start the app.<br><br>The other point is, well more of a question really, how do you merge the resulting partitions? I can not install my games or emulators, as far as I can tell, on any other partition than the E partition... so how do you make use of all that extra space if after the clone, you are left with a 4GB sized E partition?
This is really easy to do all you have to do is connect hdd to computer and use xboxhdm. I did though explore some tuttorials first just to get comfortable with xboxhdm.
While my HDD is cloning, the screen goes black. How will I know when the cloning is done? Is there an on screen message? When I hit the button on the controller it goes straight to the menu screen. Does this mean its done or did I interrupt the process? Any information will be highly appreciated. Thanks! =) <br>
Trial and error is a little scary. I had to plug the jumper back into the hard drive to restore it to master for the dashboard to fully load.<br>Otherwise I was given the xbox needs service screen.
I wish it was as easy as clone master to slave. You have to select a few settings before it does. I was kinda lost but I just said yes to everything.
Can i use the same HDD listed above for my xbox or does it have to be specific version? <br> <br>If so, how can i find out which version xbox i have? <br> <br> <br>thanks for the help <br>
any IDE hard drive should work, so long as its properly formatted.
You can do this much more easily with xboxhdm and a ftp client
Will this keep my softmod, or will I need to re-softmod my Xbox after I put a new hard drive in?
The new hard drive will be cloned from the old one (Step 6), so no, you shouldn't have to. Good luck.
Okay. One last question: I'm going to be using an old hard drive with data on it from a previous computer. Will I have to format this hard drive, or will Chimp do it?
Thanks a lot (: i finally managed to change the HDD using this tut (:
I believe its an IDE cable :)

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