Step 5: Wiring and installation of USB Socket

Picture of Wiring and installation of USB Socket
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Take a piece of tape and wrap around the metal USB Socket. I used masking tape, as the purpose of this is to keep hot glue from seeping into the socket. Now glue the rear of the socket into the bottom part of the Memory Card assembly. Make sure to glue up the end of the socket so that the wires are covered up into the insulation of the wires. This will ensure the wires will not do any excess bending and will not snap off. On the inside of the assembly, run a small bead of hot glue on the top and bottom sides of the socket. Wetting your finger tip immediatly after and smoothing the bead will make this smooth and flush (it is a bit hot but you should not burn yourself). Let this all cool for a few minutes to make sure that the Socket is straight.

Now to do the next step will require some soldering, so make sure to be careful to not burn yourself. In the wiring guide enclosed, you will see an explanation behind the five pins. The yellow wire is almost never needed for any reason other than accessories, and is not necessary to this project so that hole will not be used. The wires have to be inserted in from the bottom, which is the same side as the socket that was removed. A good starting point is to have the Green wire soldered to the center hole. Make sure to use some Flux (i spread mine with a paper match end), and extra fine solder. An easy way to know what wire goes where is the following: (with the triggers pointing up) Red White Green Empty Black. The wires should be soldered in through the top of the board, where the other socket remains. Then run some glue along where the wires feed in to keep the wires from snapping off from the board.
rholland14 years ago
How do you know which usb drives work?
I know i got the thing right, but my sandisk cruiser doesn't
daiatlus79 (author)  rholland13 years ago
its a bit of a dice roll. some work and some dont. there are lists online that give compatibility.
MrHanimi4 years ago
Do the wires just have to be soldered into the holes?
or is there somewhere on the other side of the board they need to connect to?

I honestly don't know whether this is a stupid question :s
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daiatlus79 (author)  xboxcentergarzon5 years ago
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