this is my FIRST! instructable! yeyyy!!!!

now i know its a little dated... but i still use it because... well it works and it is pretty easy
and like all good instructables it brings life to something that is no longer used!

This is how to make a USB Xbox Controller for you MAC computer
(i tossed in a link to windows drivers however i dont have a windows computer so i cant test them... thats your warning haha)

ORIGINAL xbox controller and connector
USB cable you dont mind cutting up
Electrical tape
old original xbox (if you dont have and original xbox.. or dont want to open it skip to step 6)

heat shrink tube
soldering iron and solder (recommended)
wire strippers

:NOTE: i did not make the driver... but i do use it on my computer and i have had no problems at all...

• Mac OS X 10.2.6 or later
• Xbox Controller with USB adapter (like this)
• Xbox DVD Remote with USB adapter


(once again i have not used or tested)

Step 1: Opening the Xbox

part 1.. opening the xbox

i would hope this would go with out saying... but make sure you unplug the xbox 1st :)

you will need a size T20 torx bit and you will have to take out the following screws
you will have to remove the little rubber feet form the bottom to get the the screws and break the stickers in the center to get to the last two screws.

<p>Why destroy the whole console? Just splice the male usb connector into the break-away cable, then you can use the controller on your PC/Mac and you've still got your xbox.</p>
works great with windows
and with half-life 1
Great guide! I've wired mine up using a spare dongle rather than the internal controller port. I installed the XHD driver on my iMac, but it's not detecting the controller, any ideas?
Would it not be much easier to attach a male usb to the controller instead of destroying an xbox to make an adapter?

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