Orite (Weaving Letter)





Introduction: Orite (Weaving Letter)

Season's greetings,thanks, and birthday celebration...What do you send a letter for ?

"Orite" is the weaving letter made of your favorite color, special texture of material, sometimes with sound and fragrance. Orite gives you special time.

Step 1:

For this activity you will need an envelope and thin paper to create a weaved pattern.

First , cut lines on the envelope using a box cutter.

(Using razor cutter would help you make more complex pattern.)

☆The more lines of the envelope, you can make more detailed pattern.

Step 2:

Next, cut paper and make thin slips of your favorite color.

☆At this time, you can use any kind of material.

For example cloth impregnated with perfume!

Step 3:

Then, weave the slips over and under each other and create pattern.

Step 4:

Assemble the envelope by using glue or double-sided tape.

Be sure to stick the slips to the envelope firmly.

I recommend you used double sided tape.

Step 5:

You can create various patterns using this method.

Here is some examples.

Step 6: Ai File (a Net of an Envelope)

Step 7: PDF File(a Net of an Envelope)



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    That looks really cool. It would be really fun to make old 8 bit video game designs.


    I designed it based on Japanese "KOGIN ZASHI".