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Introduction: Holiday Ornament 01d

About: Robert J. Krawczyk is an architecturally trained digital artist focusing on science, mathematics, architecture, art, and technology; publishing and presenting internationally in the form of prints, web piece...

A contemporary reinterpretation of a traditional ornament using the design concepts from Arts & Crafts, Prairie School Stained Glass and the sweeping elements of Art Deco. The frame captures only a small portion of a much larger design. The ornament design can be presented traditionally, on Christmas tree or window hung or simply placed on your desk or table. The floating design is bordered with a frame on both front and back sides. This ornament series is in white plastic in four designs: circular, elliptical, diamond, and pointed rectangle.

This circular design is 3" diameter. The other two photos are of related designs. These are algorithmically generated in a custom program written in AutoLISP in the ACAD platform and then then framed.

This series explores simple rules to construct designs in a great variety using classical design concepts.

See more examples at:

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    Very nice ornament! Good luck in the challenge!