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I am a first year Engineering Student at the University of St Thomas in St Paul, MN. We were presented this opportunity to increase our CAD skills and develop a unique ornament. This ornament will be the first item I will have printed with a 3D printer. I thought of some iconic images associated with winter, the snowman and Christmas tree, and kind of built it from there. I had a lot of fun designing this project. I hope that you enjoy it.


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peppypickle (author)2014-11-04

Great design! If you upload the .stl file we can add you to the 3D Ornament Contest! Please reply to this comment once you do so, and I can add you to the contest.

eod47 (author)peppypickle2014-11-04

Quick question; I created it on Solid Works, do you want me to just upload that file?

peppypickle (author)eod472014-11-04

as long as it's in a .stl format that will work.

eod47 (author)peppypickle2014-11-04

I converted the original to .stl and also attached the .sldprt original Solid Works file.

peppypickle (author)eod472014-11-04

wonderful, I just entered you into the contest! Thanks for being part of the Instructables community!

eod47 (author)peppypickle2014-11-05

Thank you.

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