Ornate Christmas Tree




Introduction: Ornate Christmas Tree

Things you will need:

Red ribbon
Thread and needle
Pearls, I’m using two sizes in this project

Step 1: Threading Pearls

Pearls, I’m using two sizes in this project

Thread the needle and fasten with a knot at the end of the thread.

Start threading pearls with a small sized pearl and 3 average sized pearls.

Step 2: Creating the Tree

To start building up the tree, I made a small sketch for myself to make it easier,  the first loop we make will be 4” and reduces 1” gradually when it goes up.

Each time you pass the needle through the ribbon, you need to thread a pearl too. When you reach the desired shape of the tree you can end it up using 3 more pearls and securing it with a knot and a loop.



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