This is a human powered ornithopter glider.

Step 1: Making Tail

First get plastic an gold tarp and bamboo + old pair of pants. Now put plastic sheeting in between the pants like a flying squirl. Duct tape it on the pants.

Step 2: Wings

Now cut tarp in shape of wings in photos. Once that's done get a bamboo pole that is10ft long and duct tape it to the top of the tarp wings. Now duct tape it to the pants and have some pole sticking out.

Step 3: Flying

Flying is hard you can't run but you can wobble like a fish on land.start flapping the wings. The tarp makes a inflatable airfoil. Wobble at 6 mph then jump of hill that is a little steep. You will glide. Now flap for fun. Flight time 6 secs flight distance 30ft. Control wings by warping and tail acts as rudder and elavator. This is flying like a bird!!!!!!!!!!now I have had fails or known as landing on your belly or stepping on a rock. But flying is fun and I love flying.
<p>Flying... #1, find a space much wider than your wingspan, not that narrow lane. </p>
<p>Video, or it didn't happen.</p>
<p>Even with a video it didn't happen...</p>
<p>That was kind of the point of my comment...</p>
little late for April fools day.<br><br>if you want advise on how to pass off this design as real, get a hold of This guy https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&amp;source=web&amp;rct=j&amp;ei=brKOU4G7HI2PyASby4DwAQ&amp;url=http://www.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3DGYW5G2kbrKk&amp;cd=3&amp;ved=0CDUQtwIwAg&amp;usg=AFQjCNHg5aS_4CyMoNZxkWqTsXSvNZnN3w&amp;sig2=rZcycQMLBHRX2Y19d78LtQ<br>he had people fooled for weeks. Some still believe, even after he came clean.<br><br>or, try to copy a Real wingsuit, and remember your parachute.
Don't have video I was flying and I'm not holding my phone in mid air. Does fly as parashuting down. Jump off 80 ft you parashute down now that's dangerous I advise people to just jump 10ft.
<p>6sec? I doubt that somehow... Video?</p>
<p>i would love to see a video of this :D</p>

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