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About: If homebuilt flight is your passion check this account out!!

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    Flying... #1, find a space much wider than your wingspan, not that narrow lane.

    Even with a video it didn't happen...

    That was kind of the point of my comment...

    little late for April fools day.

    if you want advise on how to pass off this design as real, get a hold of This guy
    he had people fooled for weeks. Some still believe, even after he came clean.

    or, try to copy a Real wingsuit, and remember your parachute.

    Don't have video I was flying and I'm not holding my phone in mid air. Does fly as parashuting down. Jump off 80 ft you parashute down now that's dangerous I advise people to just jump 10ft.

    6sec? I doubt that somehow... Video?

    i would love to see a video of this :D