Orrery - a Mechanical Solar System Model, Designed for Laser Cutting


Introduction: Orrery - a Mechanical Solar System Model, Designed for Laser Cutting

Full credits for this orrery go to MatthewS3, who designed the orrery on which we (FabLab Zwolle, the Netherlands) based our one.

Our orrery works basicly the same as the orrery from MatthewS3, for the building details look at his instructable. (here)

All the wooden parts of our orrery are made with a laser cutter. If you don't mind changing the cutting plans it is also possible to make them with a milling machine.

We used the following materials to build our orrery:
Plywood 8mm, 3mm and 0.8mm
MDF 3mm
Brass tubes 2 to 9mm in diameter, all 0.4mm thick
Wooden beads(planets)
Some plastic washers

The cutting plans and details can be downloaded below:



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    Hi .... How many modules did you take?

    I am designing this system and I want to make, you can provide content free pdf to leave me because I'm from a foreign country, I can not download.

    The problem is video link ... I like to see how it works ... thank you

    Hello Raha,
    For building instructions please look at the instructable from MatthewS3.
    This orrery is based on the one he designed.