In the last few years, due to aging, no doubt, foot pain has become a problem. I believe the condition is plantar faciitis as well as some minor arthritis pain. What ever the condition, I decided to try and alleviate the pain with out drugs and or store bought orthotics.  I came up with the idea of making arch supports and insoles out of available materials, hence these instructables. (Seehttps://www.instructables.com/id/EG67HR3GGPETHHH/) for a companion instructable.  This instructable is focused on the arch support aspect of the problem.

Step 1: Gather Materials and Tools

To make the arch supports, some stretch fabric I had on hand was used as the material, while I started out with new grout sponges as the padding portion.  I made the first few by sewing by hand, but switched to a sewing machine as my production numbers increased.
They say that the need is the mother of invention, and for some of us that are "over the hill" it helps a lot to be creative.
I swear by my orthotics, but the idea behind the ones that work best is not to push your foot into the correct position, it's to tilt at the ankle so the foot stops rolling in on itself.<br> <br>While I'd say these are good for a temporary solution, if you have foot pain regularly I would strongly suggest getting a custom pair made by a professional. You only need them made once, then you can ask for the moulds they used and make your own out of mould-able and slightly flexible. The benefit to these is they are designed to stop your heel turning in (which is the main cause behind most flat feet) and then the arch naturally appears and encourages muscle tone which will reduce pain. <br>
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I would caution people that foot orthotics are made custom to the needs of each individual. Getting it wrong can lead to knee, hip, back, neck &amp; spine problems..basically every weight-bearing structure above your feet.<br><br>That being said, if you have relief using this method, might as well use it and save money.
Sadly, it turns out recent anthropological research is showing that orthotics are actually leading to foot pain as well as footwear in general. Shoes and orthotics especially, while temporarily relieving pain, lead the muscles in your foot to atrophy (as well as other less than savory health issues). Good work on being inventive though. I just thought I would take a moment to warn. It makes sense when you think about it though. Whenever you give a body part support that body part weakens.
Any sources for this claim? Not counting fringe science (bogus) websites, of course.
For flat feet, the problem is that the foot doesn't &quot;hold&quot; the way it's supposed to. This might help. (I just buy shoes with good arch support &amp; have a pair of custom-orthotics.)
I will try this. Good initiative.
Hey All of you out there with feet PAIN THESE TRULY WORKED FOR ME I wear them every day its truly wonderful thank you Mr CREATIVEMAAN

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