Picture of Oscillating Tool Steak Carving Knife

Steak knife? Zombie knife? Make this custom FOOD blade attachment for your oscillating power tool.

DISCLAIMER: This is Fn dangerous to make as it is to use. Don't try this at home.

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Step 1: Mechanical details...

Picture of Mechanical details...

You need a few things:

First, your oscillating power tool. You might notice there are several models and makes out on the market. I think it's proliferation was due to the expiration of the patents of a power tool that had it's blade move back and forth about 3 degrees in a rapid motion. I can say it does have its uses when you need to cut something in a confined space where you can't get in a tool like a reciprocating saw or just need to nip something off whether it be wood, metal or drywall.

Which brings us to this, the only blades available are to cut or scrape wood, metal, drywall or other stuff your house may be constructed of. There is no Food blade or specifically one to cut steak.

I wasn't about to forge my own blade so I took a pre-made steak knife. You can keep the handle on it since it will not get in the way.

You need a method to fasten the steak knife to your worn out or real oscillating tool blade. You can do rivets or nuts and bolts.

I used two #10 bolts with nylon lock nuts. I knew that there would be severe vibration so the nylon bearing inside the nuts would keep the nuts from loosening. You could also use those regular split lock washers with a nut.

You need to drill the appropriate holes to attach the steak knife to the tool blade. I just used my cordless drill with a 3/16ths inch metal bit. I just eyeballed the drill size that covered the bolt thickness. I could always use a reamer or go back with the drill to enlarge it a bit for the bolt to fit through. It would be nicer and safer to do this with a drill press.

PS11810 months ago

That is easily the most horrifyingly bad idea I've seen in ages!

In other words, you got my vote. ;)

caitlinsdad (author)  PS11810 months ago

Many would say this is easily the most horrifyingly bad idea they've seen in ages!

All I can say to that is....keep this guy away from the transglutinase!

Nice work. Now go back to playing with your food! :)

nerfrocketeer11 months ago
What!!!!? This is awesome homie! I wanna strap two to my wrist and cakewalk down a back alley in Cincinatti now. Hahaha lol XD.
thematthatter11 months ago

you should have popped those rivets out on the handle and attached it there.

I don't like thoes kinds of knives with rivets. Seed 80 lbs of ground beef go in the trash because someone used one of those knives in a dinning facility and the knife came apart. Seed it with my own two eyes!

caitlinsdad (author)  thematthatter11 months ago

You and those guys with the silver spoons always have it handed to them.

lynnfiorante11 months ago

that looks cool but really unsafe be caefull if you actually use that thing

caitlinsdad (author)  lynnfiorante11 months ago

Yup, don't try this at home.

hunter99911 months ago

Very cool idea! Lethal yet awesome. :)

jessyratfink11 months ago

Haha! Now that's an exciting way to have dinner.

HrdWodFlor11 months ago
Why was this made? Just because it could be. I love it! Great job.
caitlinsdad (author)  HrdWodFlor11 months ago

Thanks, when a maker starts getting real hungry, he starts seeing things.