Hello. Recently began studying electronics. There was a need for instrumentation . Since I have been assembling audio amplifiers , it took an oscilloscope. But the cost of a good machine it saddens me. I decided that I would do the oscilloscope , with his own hands.

Step 1: Scheme and Details

The device will be built on glass-cloth board.

Input A - probe . Input B - "Crocodile" - to the ground. Input C - channel L or R. Input D - Ground (Common ) For the assembly takes only 4 parts ( + mono Jack 3,5): Resistance of 100 k - 1 pc. Resistance of 10 k - 1 pc. Zener to 1.9 V - 2 pcs . Resistors take power not less than 0.5 watts , and any zener to 1.9 volts.

PCB download here - http://ampexpert.ru/lay/oscil.rar

Step 2: Аssembly

Dresses are made with the help of technology LUT and herbs in copper sulfate. The result was such a fee ( The board made a mistake . Not stamped connection from mono jack ). tinning glycerol.

Step 3: Device

Card is connected to the headphone jack. And on the PC itself install special software virtual oscilloscope . There are many programs on the internet , but I liked the SoundCard Oszilloscope.

The program includes: - A dual channel oscilloscope transmission frequency (depending on the sound card ) is not less than 20 to 20,000 Hz ; - Dual channel Signal Generator ( generated with the same frequency) ; - Spectrum Analyzer - And also has the ability to record the sound signal for subsequent study The device works well. This is certainly not a complete oscilloscope, but to remove the basic characteristics fit.

Step 4: P.S.

Thank you for your attention. I apologize for my English.

E-mail: shevchenko.evg@gmail.com

Web site: ampexpert.ru

<p>Good job young man! do you know the site URL fr the software for english speakers, when googled that name turns up Russian versions only.</p><p>Thanks for smart ideas.</p><p>Al</p>
That looks very handy, thanks. Just wondering what connects between the zener diodes at K?
<p>zener cathode to zener cathode</p>
Nice work!

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