Ostrich Beaded Jewel Box





Introduction: Ostrich Beaded Jewel Box

This is an Ostrich egg jewelry box. It is created using an Ostrich egg, cut and hinged. The egg was then beaded, one bead at a time. The top and bottom of the Ostrich egg shell was painted a peach color. Then it was beaded with clear arora borialis bugle beads in a basketweave pattern. Flowers and leaves are created using no hole pearls, flat back pearls and Swarovski flat back rhinestones in the middle section. There is also Swarovski rhinestone chain and braid carefully placed around the cut line of the egg shell and between the middle section and the top and bottom section.
A Swarovski four tier topper is placed on the top of the egg. The egg is sitting on a gold plated egg stand. The egg opens to reveal a tapestry lining.



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    when doing bugle beads, which size is best for ostrich and goose eggs?

    That is absolutly stunning,
    Ive always been fascinated by egg art,
    Could i ask what size bugle beads did you use on this egg please kind regards Tarnie xx

    Congratulations on another beautifully beaded egg as a Finalist. My Best Wishes to you. Carole B.

    So very Beautiful! Congrats on being a finalist!

    K, your eggs are beautiful. The beading is lovely. Do you sell your patterns on your website or at any of the shows?

    Hi, Thank you so much! This egg design will be included in the October issue of the IEAG newsletter that is to go out. Are you an egger? Are you a member of the IEAG, International Egg Art Guild? I sell kits at the egg shows. I am currently working on a kit with a design similar to this egg. Thank you! Kathy

    Hi Kathy, yes, I am an IEAG member, we have met at the shows and i have ordered from you. I can't wait for the Oct. issue. Hope to see you in Westlake Village, CA in Feb. or March. Connie

    Hi Connie! I will be at both CA shows and hope to see you there! I will be teaching "Dreams" in Westlake Village. It is a design Patricia Harding and I are working on. The finished egg can be seen on my website. We are teaching it in San Antonio very soon. Happy Egging! Kathy

    Kathy this is a beautiful sparkling example of your deep talent and endless patience. Almost as dazzling as the smile in your photo. Keep up the excellent work.

    Thank you! That is so sweet! But you always are!!