There are all kinds of strange and wonderful boxes showing up across the Internet to promote the new Coraline movie. I, unfortunately, did not rate high enough on the coolness scale to receive one. Rather than cry myself to sleep, bemoaning my lack of boxness; I decided to get creative and make a box of my own.

This box is based on some boxes that have been sent by the [your, mine, our] Other Mother. I'm not selling them on my Etsy site. I don't think it would be proper. I do think that everyone who wants one should be able to have one; so I've made this Instructable. I hope you like it.

Step 1: Print Templates and Gather Materials

I've done all the hard work here and made up a template for everyone. I hope to have a PDF version available as well. This template will make a palm-sized box which I think is around the size of the original.

For this project you will need the following:
1 sheet of illustration board* at least 8.5" X 11"
1 yard 0.75" ribbon
1 sheet covering paper 11" X 17"
1 piece riser paper at least 5.5" X 8.5"
1 sheet scrap paper
1 fabric scrap at least 5.5" X 8.5"
1 piece thin cardboard** at least 2" X 2"
white glue
glue stick
clear packing tape
regular hole punch
0.5" circle template
box templates
craft knife
bone folder***
small paintbrushes
black ink

*You can use any sort of stiff board which you think would make a sturdy box.
**The back of notepads is good for this.
***You don't need this tool, per se. I use it to burnish some lines with, which can be done with a capped pen or any other sort of pressure-putting, non-marking object.

Wow this is really neat! I loved the movie and now i can make the gift the other mother gives :D
Can you PLEASE sell them on etzy???? please please please i tried making this and i failed i would buy so many xxxxx
oh my god I can't believe I found this! Can't wait to begin making it! I've already made a Coraline Doll. I love Coraline!!!!
good, actually, i needed a box for gigfting my friend
I read the book this last week, and then saw the movie tonight with my kids.&nbsp; ...When I saw the box in the movie, I remembered seeing this on here a while ago and wondering what in the world it was.&nbsp; <br /><br />Now I get it!&nbsp; Very cool, I like it.<br />
Awesome! I'm a big Neil Gaiman fan, so definitely looking forward to this.
Have you read <a rel="nofollow" href="http://xkcd.com/52/">Sandman</a>? <br/>
Certainly. I am a big fan!
creepy... i read the book, so this is pretty coolio!
So many steps for such a simple thing!
I seen this movie with my daughter in 3-D. The beginning made me a lil woozy..lol. Good instructable and sorry ya didn't get that box :( Lemonade from lemons, as they say ;)
Amazing! I saw this movie, and have yet to read the book. However, I NEED TO!!
This is Amazing! Thanks for sharing this with everyone!
Thanks for sharing your templates - I'm also sad that I missed out on the mystery box and button box fun, but now I can make my own! :)
O.M.G. I didn't even know about the Coraline Boxes until I started reading your instructable. This means I'm going to have to make one, or something like it since I can't put in actual artifacts from the film production itself...

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