Step 7: Cut Paper to Cover the Box

Picture of Cut Paper to Cover the Box
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For this step you will need your covering paper, ruler, glue stick and box bottom and top (Photo 2).

I always like to check the fit of my box lid (Photo 1). I've never had one not fit, but I've only made three. Still it would be quite sad if you got through every step and then discovered your box didn't fit together.

Now is the time to cut the pieces for covering your box. I use the ruler to help estimate the size that I will need. You'll want a piece that is big enough to cover both the outside and inside of the box edges (Photo 3). I always go with a little more than double the size of the box edge. Cut out your pieces for the top and the bottom and then use the glue stick to smear glue all over the flat part of the box piece (Photo 4). Then place the glue side of the box down in center of the covering paper.