Picture of Ouch ! That must hurt ! Fridge Magnets.
What if magnets were put in front of the subject instead of on its back ? Well, that must hurt !
I can't draw. Michele, my elder son, au contraire, is good with pencils so we teamed up.
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Step 1: Parts

Picture of Parts
The parts you need are simple:

drawing tools
strong white paper
rare earth magnets
a fridge
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Darkshot7 years ago
I counted 12 comments about ninjas and pirates lol ;)
How'd this ninja and pirate thing start?
5Volt (author)  Darkshot7 years ago
Yes, thanks a lot...
.... they are 13 NOW ! (not counting mine)
Darkshot 5Volt7 years ago
whahaha :)
Ima_Pirate8 years ago
Argh, where's the ninja getting PWNed by a pirate? Otherwise, very clever, and I do like it. Yar.
ninjas are beter
Yar. Better for what?
everything they're just all around more awesome
Not at havin great big bushy beards an drinkin grogg and bein a genral nusiance they're not! Yar!
they sneek up on you and wreak their awesomness
Yeah. What do pirates do? They drink so much grog the fall off the ship,and stab their eyes out with forks. NINJAS ARE BETTER
i agree that is all they do! ninjas train and pwn pirates, assassinate people and don't bother anyone
Pirates get paid more with their plundering.
yup you said it. go ninjas!
Ah .. but how much fun is it really? I mean .. comparing prancing around in tights at night or drinking grogg and soliciting with wenches?
omnibot omnibot7 years ago
Sry for the delay in response .. been drinking grogg an havin a genral fun time.
toogers omnibot7 years ago
no no no. you both got it ALL wrong. the military PWNS!!! GO MILITARY!!!!!!111!!!
omnibot toogers7 years ago
Well .. I must say it seems you're right as this google-trendsgoogle-trends confirm it. Although it also shows pirates WAY ahead of ninjas.
The orange is military, the red is pirates and the little blue line on the bottom is ninjas :)
toogers omnibot7 years ago
but ninjas workfor the military so your wrong!go military ninjas!!!
omnibot toogers7 years ago
Why do you suppose the military needs ninjas? Coz of all the pirates of course!
Derin omnibot7 years ago
omnibot Derin7 years ago
I agree.
Derin omnibot7 years ago
glug glug glug do you want some mr firefox? oh no i forgot the drink was ethanol booooooom *watches ship sink*
Derin toogers7 years ago
Derin omnibot7 years ago
so uh, what side are you on again?
I'm on MY side!
my side is better then yours
Well .. obviously. If I was trying to be good I wouldn't BE a pirate would I? I'd something cute and sweet like butterfly or ninja.
Derin omnibot7 years ago
well obviously im not ninja or pirate im on the COMMANDER side the best armies lock ninjas or pirates
omnibot Derin6 years ago
Well, I'm a Pirate with a 1966 1300 type1 CalLook, improved camshaft, wide rims (originals widened, NOT aluminium), shaded windows and a smooth, deepblue paintjob. How do I rate?
Derin omnibot6 years ago
nice,you rate 4 out of 5 im a unmodded vw
omnibot Derin6 years ago
i'm a nynjate. it's what was before ninjas and pirates split up.

:)im going on the firefox vs IE flamewars
Derin omnibot6 years ago
volkswagens can run over pirates and ninjas,im a vw transporter loaded with heavy weapons and war wrecker add on,my heavy ball swings toward you
Derin Derin6 years ago
also vw took over the european car market
Ninja's are useful, but Pirates are more awesome; Yarrr!
like, 3 ninjas could OWN a boat full of pirates, burn their boats, and then go back to wherever ninjas home is, in one night, silently.
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